Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Did It!!!

I just signed a contract and paid for my first spot in a flea market!!!

It's not until mid July, but I'm very excited and ready to get rid of the rest of the booth inventory! My family is ready for it to be out of our garage and basement too. Between now and then, I'll be hoping for good weather, since it is outside-rain or shine and no refunds!

We've been busy working around the house the past couple of weeks. We ripped the old lattice off of our front porch and put up the same stone that we  put on the lower outside walls of our sun room a couple of years ago. Not hard work, but very time-consuming.

After the lattice was down we had to put up treated plywood with tyvek, wire mesh and cement.

 I was worried about this big gouge, but Mr BHTS assured me it's not a big deal.

The next phase of upgrades on the front porch, will be to cover the existing deck boards with a composite board (likeTrexx) and then cover the support beams with it as well, so we won't need to stain it ever again! That phase won't happen until we get back from vacation...unless the boys do it as a surprise while we are gone-a mom can dream can't she?!?

The deck supplies were delivered yesterday. The delivery truck was a normal looking truck cab and a flatbed trailer. As soon as he go to our driveway, he unhooked the trailer, pulled the truck forward, got out and slid some long metal pieces into some slots on the back of the truck cab. What he did, turned the cab into a fork lift! I've never seen anything like that before! He zipped it all off the truck bed in one trip and had it in the front yard in no time at all.

When we went on vacation last summer, our air conditioner crashed and had to be repaired. I hope this year will be uneventful for them and for us. We are heading north to the Traverse City area and will be working our way down the west coast of Michigan. We're hoping to visit a lot of lighthouses, and beaches along the way. I'm looking forward to some time away from it all.

I have found a few treasures the past couple of weeks...whittling away on the wish list. How are you doing with your wish list so far this summer??

 A Harlequin novelty creamer in green.

 I know the 404 isn't red, but I kind of like it like this...maybe I'll find a 402  in red and call it good.

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