Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally! Someone who knows how to pack a box for shipping!!

Arrived safe and sound!! 

Almost overkill, but I'm very happy that it arrived safe and sound after the last one arrived in pieces! 

I'm still trying to get the garage put back into normal condition. I'm not quite sure what  to do with the leftovers.

Should I have another garage sale? Rent space at a flea market? Post on a buy, sell, trade facebook group? I sent 3 boxes of kitchenware to the U.P. with my son and his friends when they left for their guys weekend. He will deliver them to my mom, who will take them to a local resale charity. 

What I sent was all in excellent condition, and very usable. I hope they go to someone who needs them!

I got an email from someone else who is interested in my white cabinets...

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  1. Those cabinets would make great display pieces in your antique mall booth. I would keep them......