Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Week in Junk...

I've had a pretty quiet week. Just the usual, work, family, volleyball, and a little junk. Nothing out of the ordinary, but a good week, none the less. Hope you are having a good week!!

Here are my finds for the week...
 I never realized how tiny these little nut cups are until I found a couple at a church rummage sale for ten cents each!  I've been on the hunt for the other colors ever since.

 It fits very nicely under the individual creamer.

 Just need the mauve blue nut cup and my set is complete! I'm not a very traditional collector, I'm not interested in collecting every color, just the ones I like. 

 Last one in the set! Its been a great summer/fall for Gooseberry!

Using some Fiesta bread plates as risers for the bowls!

This beauty is my most exciting find...I am really thrilled to have it. It has a little sticker on the back that says Strawser Auction-Becky Turner Collection. You can search for those words and find out more about her. I'm honored to have a piece from a fellow collector, and seeing it everyday will remind me to pray for her family, as they walk through the valley of the shadow without her. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Remember to take time to laugh, and make memories!!


  1. Your Gooseberry luck strikes again! Congrats on completing your set. It's definitely one of my favorites.

    Have an awesome weekend!