Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Rain, More Wind and More Treasures!

Today was the day! The second ever and last of the season, Davisburg Antiques Festival. Just like last May, it was rainy, muddy and cold, and also like last May, Auntie and I found some great treasures! It's a LOT closer to home than the Midland Antiques Festival, but it's also a LOT smaller than Midland. We recognized a lot of the same vendors from Midland and from last May. It's kind of fun to shop their booths again and again, and get to know them a little bit.

We had all the rain gear, and there seemed to be less mud than in the spring, but the wind was going right through us! I think the temperature only got up to 41 degrees!! Several vendors kept tarps over their tables that were outside and some of them even kept their tents closed. I thought it was crazy to rent the space, bring the stuff and not open. There were shoppers all over the place. I noticed a couple that was waiting for a guy to uncover his tables so they could see what he had and he was busy moving around things that could get wet and was oblivious to the couple. I don't think he even saw them.

Every dealer today, that we dealt with, was willing to go lower on their prices and make deals. I only got a few things, and Auntie only got a few things...until the very last tent! where she got a couple of great deals on some vintage Christmas stuff!! I'm so excited for her! I wish she would have let me take a picture of her face to show you how excited she was-you would have a great big smile on your face just for seeing hers!!

It was a lot of fun, despite the cold, the rain, the wind and the mud! We even ran into our junking buddy Marie-it's always fun to see a friendly face in the crowd-especially one that is attached to such a sweet, bubbly gal.

I think there were more vendors this time around than there were in the spring. I wish there were more "vintage" vendors. I was disappointed at how much shabby chic, painted furniture there was, but I guess like every other fad, it will have to run its course. I see all of that chalk painted furniture and think of how I could do it myself and save a ton of money. I would think that a lot of people would have the same mindset, but maybe it's just easier to buy it all done rather than hunt for the furniture to paint, and then paint it.

Here are just a few shots of what we saw wasn't a good day for pictures.

 We saw LOTS of vintage Christmas stuff.

 Look at this!! How fun!! I'm going to make some of my own!!

 I about swooned when I saw so many bright vintage tablecloths in one spot!

 What a cute way to display small linens and pillowcases!!

 A lot of the vendors had sheets of plywood leading into their tents. Look at this cart!!!

 I think I'm going to get a pair of rubbery boots to wear when the weather is like this. My feet are still frozen from being so wet and cold. 

 This is what I got today. Orange is the color of the day.

I also bought a hat pin. New beads on an old pin.I love it!

This was the back of my car. I've been so frustrated with my guys all summer for not putting the left side rear seat back in-I was glad that they didn't because we would have really had to do some strategic packing to get it all in if the seat were in place!

Now I'm off to make some hot chocolate, crawl under a blanket or two and catch up on what you've been doing this weekend! Hope the rest of the weekend is a great one for you!!


  1. Looks like it was a fun sale, I love the way that those linens are displayed. The little hat pin is so sweet!

  2. One of our local antique malls recently changed owners. A lot of the good vintage booths moved out and now about 75% of the store is what I like to call "new but made to look old". TONS of painted furniture. It's kind of sad...


  3. I can rarely pass up vintage Christmas! But would of picked up the sunflower Pyrex too!