Friday, October 3, 2014

Rainy Friday=Trip to Maumee!

Thanks everyone for the kind encouraging comments and emails about my surgery!!  I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers!! November 5th seems so far away, yet it's just around the corner! I'm still trying to get in as much treasure hunting as I can before the cold weather and my surgery put things on hold for a while. So, this morning when I heard the rain, I shot off a quick text to my junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage that said "Feel like Maumee today?" Her quick "Yes" got us both moving for the day and we headed out on an adventure.

Mr. has been on the look-out for caffeine free Mountain Dew...I don't know what the purpose of drinking Mountain Dew that's caffeine free is...don't people drink it because of the caffeine??  I found a store in Bowling Green, Ohio 12 miles from the Maumee Antique Mall. Auntie was gracious enough to drive all the way there, but they only had diet caffeine free! I picked up a couple anyway-youngest son will drink it, so it won't go to waste.

Finally, we made it to Maumee and the treasure hunting began!! We each took a cart-what a handy thing to have!! Saves tons of time to just put an item in your cart rather than run it up to the front desk to hold while you shop!! I think we both did really well. We got a few fun things and talked so much that the drive down and back seemed to go by in a blink and by the time we got home we could see peeks of blue skies and sunshine between all of the clouds.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Davisburg for the Antiques Festival. When we went in the spring, it was very chilly and very rainy and muddy. I had mud halfway up my pants to my knees and my shoes were pretty much ruined. We've seen a couple of different forecasts for tomorrow, mostly rain again-ugh! If it is raining too hard, we're going to pass-hoping for a window of sprinkles instead of storms during the time we go!

This is what I picked up today...
 This is for a coworker/friend who collects round covered butter dishes. I didn't end up buying the shakers -I already have them, so Auntie picked them up.

 I had the lids-just needed the bases and found them today-both for less than the price of one should have been!!

The dealer was stocking her booth and took the price down for me because I was buying the Fire King Fridgies and because there was baked on grease on the edge. 

Here are some other treasures that found their way to my house this past week...

 I finally got some pillow forms for my tablecloth pillow shams-the pillow forms are really sad looking-way under-stuffed. I plan to fluff them up a lot with more stuffing. 

Lucky find---474

Now I'm off to hang out with my guys, it's pizza time and probably some time in front of the TV watching Netflix. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Try this again, I would buy the lids from you if you want to part with them. I find the bottoms but rarely the lids and then the lids are what get broken by my family members. of course if I didn't use them for butter dishes maybe that would help. ;) I am hoping to get to your side of Lake Michigan someday to treasure hunt, not much left around here these days. If my other comment comes through just delete it or this one. Hope to hear from you about the lids.