Thursday, August 27, 2015

Treasure Hunting Therapy!

When you've got a lot going on, or weighing on your mind and heart, what do you do to clear your head so you can focus again? I had one of those days last Saturday. I was so spun around that I couldn't think straight, so I hopped in the car, and drove.

My first stop was the Swan Creek Candle Outlet in Perry. I feel bad that I don't really look at the candles when I visit this shop, I head straight for the stairs so I can go up to the antique shop. I love to  just wander and look at things. I am perfectly content to walk out empty handed.

Since I was in a westward direction, I decided to go to Mega Mall, and the Little Red Schoolhouse and my last stop was The Maple Street Mall in Mason. It does wonders (at least it does for me) to get away, and not think about anything. I didn't talk to anyone, and by the time I got home, I was able to put things in perspective and tackle some things that needed to be dealt with.

On Sunday, two of my guys and I took a little trip to The Village antiques in Millington. They wanted to go to Harbor Freight and Sonic, so they were eager to ride along. I found a couple little treasures but my guys didn't get anything from Harbor Freight-besides smelly clothes! Is it just Michigan HF's that smell so bad? I swear it takes at least an hour for the smell to wear off of their clothes when they come out of the store!

We stopped at Sonic and had a rotten experience. I left a "review" on their website and was pleasantly surprised to get a return email from the local manager giving me her phone number asking me to call her to explain what happened.I did call, and she listened and apologized and offered free food vouchers. I thanked her and declined. She said she'd put my name in their customer care log, and we'd get 3 free cherry limeades the next time we were in the area and stopped-even if it was several months down the road.

So, a LOT of driving in two days. One small purchase. Much needed quiet time to ponder, pray and focus on truth. Just in time to get crazy busy at work getting ready for a new year to start.

While sitting in the sun room, Lucy started barking like crazy...she somehow heard them before she saw them. There were two that floated over our yard that day.

Swan Creek Candle in Perry-upstairs antique shop!!

OK, so I did take one candle picture, but it was mostly for the display rack.

Mega Mall

I need a 12 step program for my cabinet addiction!!

 Reminds me of my second job-hostess at Red Lobster!

I'm going to be looking for a metal rack like this!

Honey whip jars!!! I'm seeing them all over the place now, and I still LOVE them!!!

I LOVE old windows!

Someday...but not at that price!

Love the cart!

Love it!

I was excited until I saw the price!
 Just like mine!

Great idea for the bench and the coat hanger made out of faucet knobs!


Getting closer to finding the right enamel daisy pin...not quite right though.

This clock was HUGE!!

Two little horizon blue fridgies came home with me!

On Monday, Mr. and I tried a new to us restaurant called Black Rock. They serve your steak on a hot rock that is over 700 degrees and you slice chunks off and cook each slice for 30 seconds on each side. I was disappointed. It was really loud in there and you couldn't hear each other very well to carry on a conversation. The stone thing was big and in the way, so you had to put your sides way off to the side, and you had to constantly be tending your steak or it would over-cook. I'm glad we tried it, but we won't go back.I'd rather go somewhere where it is more quiet and my food is cooked by the cook in the kitchen!

This was the stone it came on.

For the month of August, it has been my turn to be the facilitator of WOW- Wonderful Office Worker Day. The intention of WOW is to have some fun and do some teambuilding. The first Wednesday, I had everyone bring in their baby pictures and I hung them up and everyone had to try to guess who was who. The second Wednesday, I had everyone "Share Some LOVE", They each got a slip of paper with a name on it (one for each office support person) and they needed to write something they loved, admired or liked about that person and put the slip either on their desk or in their mailbox by the end of the day.

The third Wednesday, we did "Two Truths & a Lie". where everyone wrote out two truths and a lie about themselves and we all had to guess what was true. Then we had a potluck for lunch including the entire staff.

Yesterday, I did something silly, a game from Minute to Win it, called Noodling Around. Everyone got 8 penne pasta noodles on a napkin and a dry spaghetti noodle and they had to pick up their penne noodles with the spaghetti noodle in their mouths without using their hands! It was dead silent while they were concentrating!! It was a fun month, I'm looking forward to someone else planning the activities for September!

I finally got this from World Market. It's not old, but I love it!

Lucy says, Happy National Dog Day!!


  1. That minute to win it game looks like a those ladies know that you posted a such a lovely picture of them on the internet? :-)

  2. I love all the things in your photos!!! In reference to your do I clear my head? I do the following: take a nice warm shower, spend some time with my cat, prepare my blog (if you have a moment to check out my blog I think you will see why it clears my head by the things I post), and just be in nature when I can. You have a lovely blog. :)