Friday, August 7, 2015

180+ Miles of Michigan Garage Sales!!

This morning, Auntie and I took off on an adventure, south and West of where we live. We traveled the US12 Heritage Trail Sale. We started in Saline and worked our way up and down driveways all the way to Coldwater. It was a TON of fun!

We had beautiful weather-bright blue sky, big puffy clouds and under 80 degrees! Even with spotty service, my Google Fit app showed almost 2 hours of walking (Auntie's Iphone app showed almost double, because she had service everywhere we went).

This route had a lot of distance between the sales. We drove considerable amounts of miles without seeing anything, but when we did, we usually saw a few clustered together. For the most part, we stayed on US 12. We did venture off a few times, but never very far. Clinton seemed to have the largest concentration of sales.

Next Friday, Auntie and I (and a co worker) are leaving even earlier and will be traveling the Michigan Yard Sale Trail (around the thumb of the mitten-starting in Algonac). I can't wait for that trip!!

I didn't take many pictures today...unless you count the ones where I thought I turned my camera off on my phone, but didn't and it was taking pictures as I was walking...of the grass, the road, my shoes...does anyone else do this? Or am I the only one??

Purple is still my favorite color...I should have bought this, it was only $20.

These reminded me of my grandma-she had these in her get-away place in Detour, on the St. Mary's River.

This was one of the bigger sales along the route. It looked promising from the road. It had lots of stuff, but not the vintagey stuff that we were looking for.

This was a fun, unique wind chime-I wouldn't mind making one!

 We saw lots of really cool old houses, unfortunately, I only got a picture of one. Look at that sky!!!

Have you ever seen a tin can man? They were selling these for $10 each. I think I could make one for a lot less, if I can find an old metal coffee can.

 Saw this at Coldwater Antiques...what is it with me and cabinets?? I'm almost addicted to them as much as I am to bowls!!

This was also at Coldwater Antiques...some days...

Mr. has been buying these old steel file cabinets up all summer and he keeps them in his barn to hold tools. He usually only spends $5 each on them. Today I found one and it was a great deal...too bad the drawers wouldn't open more than an inch or two. It was in pretty rough shape.

These are my finds from the trail today...all of the shakers came from a vendor at the Rentschler Farm sale, the Pyrex came from a church sale and the table cloth, believe it or not ($2) came from an antique mall...because it has spots and a small fray on an edge that is a few inches long. I also picked up a Huey Lewis and the News record for my youngest son -it just didn't make it in the loot shoot.
I picked up the tablecloth and kept wandering around the mall, and when I walked past that booth again, I noticed they had placed another tablecloth in the empty place, The replacement cloth was $23. I'm wondering if the first cloth was just the chum-to get me to bite and then they were hoping to reel me in with the more expensive one. It didn't work. I've never spent that much on a tablecloth, and I don't plan to either.

It was a FUN day, filled with LOTS of blabbing, LOTS of laughing, LOTS of walking LOTS of driving and GREAT TIMES!!!  I can't wait for next Friday's adventure!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. Those jadeite shakers! They are on my wish list but are always so expensive when I do find them. So happy you found a set!


  2. That would have been so much FUN!! I would be very tired and broke! Fun finds!

  3. What fun! I didn't go to the Longest Yard Sale this year! Great finds!

  4. I did part of the Route 12 sale on Saturday, as it was just a few miles north of where I ended my 127 Yard Sale adventure. I had started on Thursday morning in Cincinnati and by 10A on Saturday I was in Addison. So I took 127 a little further north until it connected to 12 and shopped it from Somerset to Coldwater. I went in the Coldwater Antique Mall and I remember seeing that green "sorry it's not my day to care" sign!