Friday, August 28, 2015

TGIF & Happy Birthday!!!

YAY!!! The weekend is here!!! My week is all discombobulated because I had yesterday off and had to work today (Friday's are normally my day off), I don't know why a little change like that jumbles things up, but it does. Today doesn't feel like Friday at all. I don't know what tomorrow is going to feel like-hopefully it will feel like a normal Saturday and then things will be back on track.

After work I had a fun lunch with my junking buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage. Today is her birthday!!! So, click the link and visit her blog and tell her Happy Birthday!! We had two friends from work join us for lunch and we all talked like crazy and laughed like crazy-what fun!!!

After lunch, Auntie walked over to my car and asked if I was planning to go to the big estate sale in Gregory, I was a little hesitant, but decided to go. My guys are all adults, so nobody needed me at home, and I didn't have anything pressing to do, so off we went!

We stopped by her house to drop my car off and then she drove. She drove me right through Hell-literally!! We had to pass through Hell (Michigan) to get to the sale! How many people can say they drove through Hell to get to a sale? Some could probably say they drove like it...but not many can say they drove through it.

We saw some cars parked on the road, and were just about to park when we got a glimpse of how long the driveway seemed to be so we took a chance and drove up the windy drive. It was a good thing too, it was a long one! There were a few cars up by the house but we easily found a spot to park.

Our first glimpse of the yard was almost overwhelming-there was a ton of stuff outside of the house in the yard, and we saw two full garages on the way to the front door of the house. You know us pretty well by now to know that we always start in the house-vintage glassware and kitcheware girls always go toward the treasures first!

This house seemed to go on forever! Each room fuller than the last! It kind of reminded me of what my grandparents house/estate sale would have been like if their house hadn't burned down. I don't know if I'm sad that all the vintage goodies in my grandparent's house burned, or if I'm relieved that their estate sale wasn't nearly as much work as it could have been. After seeing this one, I'm thinking I'm relieved more than anything.

I tried to snap some pics to show what it was like, but I couldn't capture the hugeness of it-not by a long shot! We found out that the sale was only open until 4:00...and we arrived at 3:30!!! We had to seriously pick up the pace if we were going to see it all.

As I was in the kitchen, I bumped into a small shelf filled with glassware, and rattled things around pretty good. It was a good thing because I saw a full set of white Pyrex 400 series bowls. I picked up the smallest one and saw no markings, but I put it back, and turned away. Then I decided to check the next one, and sure enough-no markings. I still set it down. Finally I grabbed the whole stack and walked over to the kitchen sink (because every inch of counter space was taken), and set the bowls down on the edge so I could get a better look.

Yep, still no markings on the smallest two...and the bottom of the biggest one felt smooth-so no markings there either. I couldn't really look very easily because I was juggling the bowls with my phone and really didn't have a good place to set them down. I saw the price and thought they were individually priced and wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much on a second set, but thought I'd take a chance, and see what they said at the check-out table.

I walked them over to the guy at check out and asked him if he could hold them for me. He was funny and grabbed them and wrapped his arms around them and leaned back in his chair. I laughed and told him he better not put them down!! We both laughed and I got back to hunting for treasures. There was so much stuff that it was overwhelming!

Under every table were boxes that were FULL of stuff! in the dining area I was digging through some boxes and found two table cloths that weren't priced, so I walked over to the check out guy and asked him how much. He took them, looked at them and said that they were good ones, and they'd probably be $20 or $30 each. I did my raised hands/no thanks/start backing away stance, and he laughed and said that he could probably sell them for $10 for the pair. Before I could agree or disagree, he asked the woman (in charge) who was standing next to him, and she looked at them and said, "No, there's stains on this one. $4 for both." YAYYYY!!!

I also picked up a funny glass for Mr. It's an old inside joke, but he loved it. I just says LEMONADE on the side-and it's super big. I'm sure it will be his favorite glass. Family members reading this will totally get it.

It was a very fun day, and I'm glad that I got to spend part of it with my good junkin buddy, helping her celebrate her day! If only I could be so lucky to have a packed out sale to go to on my birthday!!!

So, I ended up getting a full set of TRUE Opal 400 series mixing bowls-that are very grungy dirty...for $18!! Doing a little happy dance!!! One of the tablecloths has a few stains-you can see them in the picture, but the other one is awesome!! I'm so glad I went!!! Thanks Auntie for asking!!!

I didn't even get pics of all the rooms because my battery was going...story of my life...always a low battery!!! This pic is for one of the friends that we had lunch with...

The trees hide a lot of it. In the middle is a falling down greenhouse. The house and property was in a very quiet area, nestled in the woods.

It's hard to tell from the angle I took this pic, but look at the crazy eyes on this guy!!

Happy Birthday Auntie!!! I hope it was a fun day for you!!!

~Just a quick side is also the Anniversary of the home-going of our dear friend and co-worker Linda-please keep her family in your prayers, and while you're at it, please keep the two little twin girls who were born today (about 7 weeks early) and their Momma in your prayers. One was 3.5pounds and the other 5.2. They all seem to be doing well, but would still appreciate many prayers on their behalf. It's hard to believe my cousin is a Grammy-she's going to be so awesome!!

Hope you  have a great weekend!!! We're staying home and laying low this weekend. Next Friday, my guys and I are heading north to meet my parents in West Branch for a late lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday. A lot of driving, but we're all looking forward to seeing my parents and hanging out with them for a while. They are meeting us there, it's about the half-way point between our houses

Take care friends!!


  1. I think you should go back to that sale!! SO MUCH to see! Nice deals!!!

  2. Thanks for the birthday lunch and fun trip through Hell (and back)! I love looking at your pictures, because I was there and don't remember seeing even half of what I see in the pics...there was so much stuff! Good times!