Friday, August 21, 2015

Two Spur of the Moment Adventures!

Yesterday, after work, Mr decided he wanted to go to a coin shop and said he wanted me to go with him. So, naturally, I looked to see what kind of fun places we could visit-either on the way there or the way back. I found an estate sale in Jackson that had over 300 pictures in the listing and decided that it was the adventure I was looking for.

It took a looooonnnnng time to get there and he was anxious about getting to the coin shop before they closed, so I hurried out of the car and forgot my phone!! Of all the places to leave my phone in the car-ugh!! This sale was so packed with treasures,  so clean, organized and everything was priced and displayed better than some antique malls!

I heard one of the workers tell a shopper that it took them six weeks to price everything!!! I believe it too!! Everything you could imagine, and then some was at that sale. I only picked up a piece of Pyrex and a tablecloth. If it wasn't so far, I'd go back tomorrow just to see what's left. I can't imagine them being able to sell it all in just one weekend. I'm so bummed that I forgot my phone and don't have any pictures to show!

This morning I had to run in to work to do a couple of quick things so rather than head home to do boring stuff like laundry and dusting, I decided to try to find some garage sales. After a quick check on Yard Sale Treasure Map, I came up with one interesting looking sale. It was a church fundraiser sale, but I couldn't find anything that I couldn't live without. I decided to follow a couple of signs and kind of go freestyle, but that ended up being a rabbit trail, with no sale at the end, so I sent a quick text to Auntie asking if she felt like Maumee today. She's pretty much always ready and willing to tag along on an adventure, so in no time, we were off!

We spent a long time shopping. There were so many fun things to look at and we both got some super fun items. It was well worth the trip!! I even had a fun time chatting with a super friendly cashier about Pyrex collecting as she was ringing up my sale. She had the most awesome blue hair with streaks of yellow and green! I loved it!! I would totally to that to my hair if I wasn't 40-something. I've seen a lot of blue hair in the past couple of years, and I can honestly say that hers was the best I've ever seen.

Interesting coffee pot (sorry blurry pic)

Vintage Games!!! (sorry, another blurry pic)

I think I need to have a house with nothing in it but cabinets! I am truly addicted to cabinets!!! I first thought these were antique or vintage, but when I saw them in more than one location, I was thinking newer. They are newer. They are Amish made. Made without powertools.

I seemed to be finding a lot of things on my wish list today...I'm sad this was out of my super cheap price range, but so happy to have seen it!!!

 Look at the lovely change purse inside!!!

I don't know if this is old or not, it just jumped out at me.

This little guy was only $5.

Beautiful corner cupboard!!

Square Fiesta plates!


Full set of gooseberry!

I've been eyeballing this the past few times I've visited...I hate that I had to leave it there, but there's only so much room.

Super wish list item...along with two square galvanized tubs to sit on top!!

So much to see!

The glassware addict in me would go crazy to own one of these!

Be still my heart!!!

Can't you see this filled with ice and frosty cold beverages??

What is this?? I got side-tracked after I snapped the pic, and forgot to go back and read the tag. Is it a purse, or a piggy bank with an easy carry handle?

I love kitschy stuff like this!

REAL not like last weekend.

There was an abundance of Pyrex scattered throughout the entire mall.

Sports Illustrated shoe phone! I never even knew this existed before today!

Wooden cake pedestal. Oh, to have unlimited space to display things!!

Very sweet mini canister set of four all nestled inside.

I don't know why, but I think I want a glass hand....

Another cute little cabinet, and more Pyrex.

Glassware as far as the eye can see!!

Lots of Fiesta, bot older and P86.

Reminds me of my early days of treasure hunting and me being bamboozled out of a pot like this by a dealer at an estate sale with a sad sob story...I'm sure he's still laughing about putting one over on me.

 I'm in love with letters too!

 Marked as a Holy Water reservoir with stand...

I remember my mom having these when I was little. I bet she either sold them in a garage sale or threw them out. The biggest one was marked over $50.

How sweet!

 This place has everything! I found the hair washing sinks a few booths over.

 Love the buggy and the cart!!

I had to be strong and say no, and just walk away!! It stinks to not have much more room for pretties like this!


  1. I love your collection here, and the square Fiesta plates are fantastic!

  2. Be still my heart! What a great place to shop!

  3. I spotted that pink camp jug! I have three and just can't seem to leave them behind. Seems we all have a little hoarder in us...


  4. Your comment about the Amish not using power tools sparked a conversation between me and my wife. The Amish DO use power tools, but they don't use direct ELECTRIC-powered tools. The energy used to make tools works is derived from people power (treadle sewing machines and wood-working tools), water (grist mills) or steam, gasoline or kerosene-driven generators, or air. Maybe solar power. This is how they get around using electricity directly, and it is much faster than using hand tools alone. So, I would assume that some kind of power, other than hands alone, would have helped to make those lovely cabinets. I'm sure this depends on the community and how much they are willing to welcome some technologies into their lives.