Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun on a Beautiful Sunday

Today was just a BEAUTIFUL day!!  Low humidity, low 80's, big puffy clouds....gorgeous!!

We went to Howell today for the Livingston Sensation, singing contest finals. We sat out on the lawn at the court house and listened to the top 12 performers perform their final song. Some of them were really good! I'd hate to be one of the judges. When they were tallying up the scores, Kevin and I decided to visit the farmer's market and craft area (because of the Melon festival), so we never heard who won-doh! But we did get a fresh squeezed lemonade and a big bag of fresh kettle corn!  

There was a pretty good crowd!

Then we came home and hung out in the pool with the boys!

Boys will be boys! Why do they ALWAYS have to wrestle around?

Maddie can't believe Kevin got in on the goofing around!

Doesn't get much better than this!

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did mine!

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