Thursday, August 12, 2010

Surprise Finds...

I had an appointment in town today and on my way home, I drove past a little tiny YARD SALE sign. So, I did what all good treasure seekers do and turned around to check it out. It was HUGE! They must have had a dozen 6 foot tables. plus all kinds of furniture.

I was eyeballing a wicker set (love seat, 2 chairs and coffee table), that had been left outside and needed a good paint job and some wicker strands glued back down. Just when I decided to go for it, someone else was loading it in their truck. Guess how much it was....are you ready for this? ...the whole set for $10!!! What was there to think about? Sigh! Oh well-you-snooze-you lose I guess.

I did find a couple of fun things...

 A vintage Fiesta plate!!! One dollar!! So now my hope to find a vintage Fiesta mixing bowl set at a garage sale for $10 has been rekindled!

Some small hurricanes for Sally Jo at work...I actually got all three for fifty cents!

I also got a tablecloth, but it is soaking in Biz right now-it had two little spots on it, and a big green bottle for the flower bed-it is soaking in hot soapy water.

I got a package in the mail today too...something I saw a couple of years ago at a local consignment shop, but passed on and have regretted ever since.

An aluminum dessert set! They are all in GREAT shape-no chips or cracks and the aluminum is in awesome shape-barely any scratches! I am seriously giddy!

After my fun little side trip, I got busy making some meals...I got 5 meals made and packaged for my in-laws (individual serving containers), and 2 meals for my family-not bad for a few hours. Tomorrow I need to finish up with at least 10 more meals (after Auntie and I "play" (hit a couple of sales) and before everyone shows up for sand volleyball). 

Hope you find some time to play this weekend and hope you find some great treasures! 

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  1. Good deals, Kim! I really like the aluminum dishes. My grandma had tumblers in those same colors. Also, thanks for grabbing my button! It's exciting to see it on other blogs!