Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Sanity Builder

Saturdays are great days for re-energizing, unwinding, and restoring sanity from busy weeks at work! Today was a totally incredible, awesome, gorgeous day!

Since Eric and I hit so many sales yesterday, Kevin and I just went out for mostly a drive. We did stop at a couple sales along the way. I picked up a couple of tablecloths and two free plates-with holes in the middle covered by a ten cent price sticker. I'm thinking of experimenting with them for something for the garden-at least the price was right!

We stopped at Livingston Feed and Seed and Kevin picked up a giant bag of wheat. He wants to try his hand at grinding it and making his own bread for a while. So we are bidding on a grinder on Ebay-lol-so far we are the high bid at ten cents! He says he'd like to try to make a mud and straw outdoor oven and give it a try...

Since I'm going to be starting a Bible Body Boot Camp (exercise/devotional class) soon, we stopped at a local coney island so I could get a chili cheese fries and coney dog fix before I start being good. I've been craving coney's all summer and finally got one! While we were sitting there a couple that used to go to our church came over and sat with us-and another lady that used to work with Kevin said "Hi". It was so nice to stop and smell the roses today!

When we got home, I hopped in the pool with Eric-I think we need to hook up the boys solar heater again-the temperature is down to about 73 degrees...but it was nice to float around with my book and a magazine!

Adam's friends are coming over when he gets home from work-just in time for dinner-LOL and they'll be staying over night-good thing I got that daybed a few weeks ago with the trundle-huh?

I'm thinking about having a Labor Day Potluck Party...I usually have a potluck party on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. I've done this for years, but this year I haven't had one yet. We usually get a really big turn out with lots of families-and it is a LOT of work getting the house and yard just so-as well as trying to make sure there is enough food.My family says I go off the deep end trying to make everything "just so".  Maybe this time I can chill-and if we run out of burgers and dogs-we run out. I'm sure there will be plenty of other food people can eat-right?

We have a great yard for parties. 3 acres, a sand volleyball court, a big pool, lots of yard games-a couple shady spots...I guess the reason I didn't have one earlier this summer is kind of a whiny reason-I was hoping to be invited rather than be the inviter all the time. Maybe some people are just inviters and some are just invitees...

Oh well, enough blabbing! Off to hop in the pool for a few minutes before it's time to make dinner-gotta soak up every last drop of summer!!!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

This what we picked up today...

Both plates were in the free box.

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