Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sometimes a picture can say things better than words are some pictures of what has been going on around here this past week.

Went to an estate sale in this amazing old house last Saturday-look at that stone work! The inside was incredible-I forgot to check to see if the pictures on Kevin's phone turned out-I'll post them later if they did! It had the original wood trim, doors, doorknobs, very old wallpaper, very high ceilings, very narrow steep stairs (2 sets of stairs), and tons of character! I LOVED being able to go inside and see it!

Is this the top chick? I think she is tops in the pecking order-I've been watching and I think they finally worked it out.

Can you really have a staring contest between a dog and a chicken? They did!

My favorite sight of the night-every night-watching the girls hop on the roosts and look out over the yard before turning in for the night.

I think when Maddie started drooling, the hen got a little nervous-so Maddie "won" the staring contest!

What do you think they are talking about? Probably that crazy dog!

Isn't that strange how the sun is shining through the clouds?

Almost makes you look to see if anyone is being sucked up!

Or if there was a giant spotlight in someone's house for a while!

Eric's sunflower now that it has grown a little more and gotten a little more color.

Will there be time for this to open before the frost comes?

I think this will become my new screensaver!

This was laying out in the yard the other day...all lonesome and sad...

but not for long...

...kind of like her "velveteen" ducky.

My favorite place in my yard!

The view from my hammock-won't be much longer and the leaves will be gone again...sigh!

Hope you are enjoying every last drop of every minute this summer!

It's fading into fall more quickly each day-soak it up while it lasts!

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