Sunday, October 28, 2012

All Gone!!!

Leaving comments will be a LOT easier on this blog! I got a reminder today about what a PAIN those word verification code things are-thanks Amy!! I get so frustrated when I go to leave a comment on someone's blog and have to keep entering codes because for some reason, I entered it wrong. I had forgotten that I had  that on my blog too-but not any more! It's GONE!!!

It hasn't stopped the spam, so I'm not worried about more spam. Some of the spam comments are really pretty funny-maybe someday I'll make a post with all of my spam comments-you'd get a chuckle out of most of them!

So please feel free to comment, whenever you want! I LOVE to hear from you-even if you're just saying "HI"!

Stay safe east coast friends!

Have a great week!!

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