Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Any Suggestions???

On November 9th, Kevin and I are driving his mother and step-father's car to Florida so they can fly and not have to be driving or in the car for such a long time. We have 1 week to get down to their house and want to make a lot of stops along the way. We want to spend just one or two days in Florida and the rest on a big road adventure.

All of the other times I've driven either to or from Florida, I've always been in a HUGE hurry to either get to the sunshine or get home. This time is different, but since it's always been such a rushed trip, I've never stopped to smell the roses (other than Jeffrey's in Ohio).

So, now I need your help!!! Any suggestions on places to stop between Michigan and Florida? I've been searching and searching, and mostly have just come up with museums, and state parks. I'd really like to do something fun and different.

We are open for just about anything. We'd like to try to stay in cottages or lodges and skip the chains-any ideas on those as well? I really wanted to visit the Webster flea market when we were down there, but it's only on Mondays, and we won't be there yet-boo!!!

We'll have to be careful, because we are flying back and we can't accumulate too much to bring back with us...unless I can talk his mom into keeping it and driving home with our treasures in May (or whoever drives their car back for them).

So...any advice you might have would be GREATLY appreciated!!! It will just be the two of us. The boys are staying home with the dogs. I have a crazy feeling that we won't have a crumb of food left in the house when we get back!

Thanks so much!!!


  1. That sounds like so much fun, my hubby drove his Mom and stepdad from Michigan to Florida... they did not stop just for a rest and then back on the road.. hubby flew to them from California and then drove them and the van to Florida. I have no clue where there might be a neat place to stop along the way so it will be fun to see what others suggest! Hugs, Diane

  2. There's a big antique mall on the way down in Georgia -- it's got a giant peach by the sign that you can see from the freeway. I can't remember the name of it, though...

  3. Springfield, Ohio has several antique malls and a flea market (don't know schedule).

    Waynesville, Ohio is the "antiques capital" of the Midwest. Also, has other types of shops.


  4. My inlays looked up their route and compared it with Diners, Drive ins and Dives to find fun places to eat. They had fun with it, sending us photos of their meals.