Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bye Bye Green Chaise!

I tried the vintage green chaise (the one I got at the high school parking lot sale a few years ago)  in the booth for a couple of months, but it took up too much room and didn't sell right away, so I brought it home and listed it on CL. I was just getting ready to post a new ad when I got an email about it!!

I am meeting the buyer in the church parking lot Sunday morning after church. It will be safe because LOTS of people will be around, and he isn't coming to my house! I just hope he shows up! I would really prefer to keep it, but since we built the sunroom, and have a tiny little deck, we just don't have room for it. I'm really bummed too, because I have wanted one for a lonnnnng time.

The buyer is going to use it in a small community theater as a prop! How fun! If only things could talk-huh? I'd LOVE to hear where it's already been and what it's already seen, but it would be fun to hear what happens after it leaves my house.

No sales today for me, nothing looked good in the paper or on CL, plus it was pouring rain when I left work. Kevin and I went to the movies instead of sales! We saw Trouble With The Curve with Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams. I liked it, although it was more of a chick flick than I was expecting.

Tomorrow I don't plan to go to any sales either...even though there were 39 sales in my local paper, nothing in my area looked worth the gas money to get there. That's OK, because I have probably enough back stock for 3 more booths!

I have been really surprised by the lack of response to the scrapbooking software give-away...I thought there would be TONS of people wanting a chance to get it for free. Is there something I don't know? Or is it just something that not a lot of people are interested in or have time for these days? Just curious.

Probably going to the booth tomorrow-have some holes to fill in-woo hooo! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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