Sunday, October 21, 2012

Losing My Touch...but great finds anyway!

I saw an ad for a last minute estate sale yesterday morning and decided I'd rather play than do laundry and dust, so off I went to Ann Arbor! I was proud of myself for remembering to bring along a book to read while I waited for the sale to open. I was planning to be there about 30 minutes early.

I didn't realize it was a HUGE football day and even at 8:15 in the morning people were swarming in to tailgate. It took an extra 15 minutes or so just to get through downtown. I couldn't believe the parking fees! Some places were charging $50 per car and $250 per RV. WOW! I guess you really gotta like football to be willing to pay that plus the ticket prices!

As you can tell, since I had no clue there was a game, let alone the big rivalry game between U of M and State, that I am not a football fan.

I finally made it through the gauntlet of cars, people and tailgaters and got to the sale with only 15 minutes to spare! I got my number, got back in the car to read my book while I waited, and then I realized...I totally forgot to bring a bag to carry my treasures around in while I shopped! It has been so long since I've been to an estate sale that I expected to find something at, that I walked out of the house without a bag!

I had to make a few trips to the cashier table to set stuff down, but that worked out ok, because I was able to get everything I came for. I really like the company that was running this sale. They are my favorite estate sale company out of all the sales I've been to over the years. They are very friendly, they have great prices, and they are helpful.

Most estate sales I walk into lately have all these signs posted about what they won't do (help you move stuff, bargain on prices, etc). Plus I've seen some really unrealistic prices from some of these companies. This company has very reasonable prices, and I've gotten some great treasures from their sales in the past couple of years.

I did a little homework and found a garage sale in the same area, at the same time, so I got to double my chances of finding some fun stuff. I also stopped at Treasure Mart on the way home and had a great time looking through all of the junk treasures they had for sale. I drove around the block 4 times trying to find a parking spot (stupid football game!) Before I decided to take a chance that the super small back parking lot might have a tiny spot left, and realized I should have checked there first! Usually it is full, so I never check the parking lot-it only holds about 8 cars.

As soon as I got home I went out with a friend while Eric taught her son how to shoot his BB gun (the safe way). Then we had a double match of volleyball (12 games-6 games against 2 different teams), so it was a full day!

The guy from the Craigslist ad showed up and was thrilled with the chaise! Woot!! It's gone, I miss it...but I know I couldn't keep it because I had no room for it. It's going to be used by a community theater group in Birmingham as a stage prop-how fun!

Today, the sun is finally out so I am biz-ily soaking linens to hang outside and hopefully get to the booth soon. I thought about going to the last Mega Mall flea market of the season today, but just wasn't up for the drive. It is another big one-100 vendors!!

Here are the treasures I picked up yesterday...

Sorry about the bad pictures, I didn't check what setting Eric left my camera on when he used it last.


  1. Ooh, love the table. I saw one similiar at the thrift store a few weeks ago, but had no way to get it home :(

  2. Is that a piece of McCoy? Love the pie crust table too!