Saturday, November 17, 2012

FREE Junk!

We got back from our trip to Florida last night around 6:30-I'm still working on sorting through all the pictures and putting my thoughts together to share about our trip---so stayed tuned for that!

This morning we headed over to Kevin's sister's mother-in-law's house to help them clean it out. His brother-in-law's mom recently moved into an assisted living facility and they needed to clear out her house to sell. We were only there about 3 1/2 hours, but we really kicked it out!! Everything was boxed or bagged up to be donated when we left, so all they had to do was call Purple Heart and take the stuff from the shed to their house.

They were very generous with giving me LOTS of free junk!! They had already spent some time pulling out the things they wanted so they said I could have whatever I wanted! I got two boxes of glassware, a chippy enamel to table and two chairs, an old yard stick, an old movie projector, a ceramic Christmas tree and a couple of hankies.

I'm sure it was a tough day for them emotionally. It was easy for me, because I wasn't emotionally attached to the person who owned the stuff. I was trying to keep it light and trying to make everyone laugh, so we didn't think about what we were doing.

I'm not sure how this box got into the car--Kevin must have picked it up. I don't think I ever even saw it. After spending a day in a smoker's house with lots of dust and dog hair, my allergies are acting up big time tonight! My eyes are all red and swollen and itchy-hopefully it will clear up by church tomorrow!!

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