Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Morning Road Trip...Checking Out Some New Places for Treasure Hunting!

This past Wednesday morning at work, during our staff Bible study/meeting, our administrative pastor encouraged us all to take advantage of the long weekend and take one day to do something that we love, something that rejuvenates us-before we get into the crazy-busy-ness of working at a church during the Christmas holidays.

What rejuvenates you? My pick is junkin. Whether it's at a flea market, in an antique mall or store, an estate sale-or anywhere there is some vintage goodness to look through. I love the thrill of the hunt-the never knowing what you might find, and the anticipation of maybe, just maybe finding that one elusive item that you've been searching f-o-r-e-v-e-r for!

This morning I decided to map out a trip, and spend some time checking out a couple of new-to-me places, as well as visiting a couple places I haven't been to in about 6 months, and the best part-since it was something I love, I had a blast!

First stop: Goodrich Flea Market. I went last summer (in case you missed it, click here to read all about that adventure!) and it was a lot of fun. The building was full of vendors-all of them were super friendly, and there was a lot of good stuff! I bought a Christmas dishtowel, and came really close to getting a couple of Christmas tree toppers, and an enamel top table, but decided to hold out-just in case I stumbled upon a Pyrex #403 pink/white striped bowl, or a couple of #7 Fiesta bowls.

Second Stop: The B-Hive-right behind the Goodrich Flea Market-how convenient! I enjoyed combing through the booths, looking at all of the vintage goodies and I was excited to see my blog/facebook friend Gypsy Junk's booth! I found a couple of tablecloths and a few hankies that I couldn't live without in a tiny little booth in the back-it pays to look into every nook and cranny-you never know what you will find!!!

Third Stop: Collette's Vintage. It is in an old Harley Davidson showroom (the Harley sign is still up outside!), and it is a WONDERFUL antique/collectibles mall! I found another tablecloth that I couldn't live without, and had a blast walking around checking everything out! Kevin even enjoyed his visit! There was a blacksmith and glass blower on site and he spent most of his time watching them and talking to them. I was actually done and ready to leave and he still had some looking to do! There was even a flea market in the back-talk about one-stop shopping! I plan to make Collette's a regular stop on my junkin' journeys!!

Fourth Stop: Hobby Lobby! I've never been to Hobby Lobby before...I LOVED it!!! I wish there was one closer to my house...or maybe it's a good thing there isn't one very close-I'd be there all the time! We found some great things at great prices!

Fifth Stop: Lunch! We ate lunch at a little Chinese Buffet in the same strip as Hobby Lobby. $5.99 lunch buffet. It was really good, and the place was packed.

Sixth Stop: Harbor Freight-for Kevin. I sat in the car reading my book, next to a woman sitting in her car knitting while her husband shopped too!

Seventh Stop: Fratz Consignment. I LOVE Fratz. I'm still trying to get used to the new location-I liked how things were laid out/displayed at the old location. I found something that if it is still there on the 2nd, will be marked to half the lowest price! It figures! The second is a Sunday-so church in the morning (9-10:20), then dealer day at LAO (time to re-stock/clean/fluff the booth-immediately after church til noon), it is also Advent by Candlelight day where I am hostessing a table and set up for that starts at 11:30 and the actual event is from 4-7. Somehow, I need to fit a trip to Fratz in right at noon to see if my item is still there so I can get it for a killer price! I need to split myself into thirds so I can be three places at once!

Now we're home, sitting back with our feet up, laptops open, and our girls curled up at our feet. There is nothing better to come home to than our fluffy, furry girls!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! 

Here are my finds from today's travels:

 P.S.--if you're a praying person, please remember my blog friend Shara from Monkeybox, and her family-they are going through a LOT right now!!

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