Friday, January 4, 2013

Checking Things Off My Wish List!

I haven't even posted my 2013 wish list yet, and I am checking things off of it!! It's only the 4th day of the year, and I'm finding things! I hope this is the way things will go for the rest of the year! HOW FUN!!!

Yesterday I had an appointment in Fenton, so I decided to make a day of it and I mapped out 7 antique shops to visit. One was actually someone's home address-I'll have to email the website where I got the address so they can correct it. One place no longer existed, and one I had been to a few years ago for the first time, and once I was there, I remembered why it had been a few years!

The first stop was Thimbleberry Antiques in Linden. It's a nice shop, just not my kind of shop. It's mostly clothes and newer things with a few antiques tucked in here and there. It's a cute little shop that I'm sure a lot of people enjoy, it just isn't my kind of place-too much boutique, not enough antique.

 The next stop was Memories Antique Mall in Swartz Creek. I've been to this mall every year for several years. I love every nook and cranny of it! It's twisty and turny and an absolute vintage delight! Sometimes it is even a little creepy when you are the only one in there-or so you think- and all of the sudden someone pops out of one the many small rooms! That happened to another woman when I popped out-she jumped out of her skin! Been there done that-LOL!

I bought an old Builder's Square yard stick (remember Builder's Square? They were the precursor to Home Depot, Lowe's and Menard's), and 2 clear glass cloches. I've been looking and drooling from afar at cloches for a few years now, but have never found any in my price range-yesterday I found 2 for less than what I usually find one for, and just for asking if that booth was having a sale, I got another 10% off of that price!!!

(just for a laugh, think about carrying these up to the register...I made sure I didn't carry them that way, but laughed all the way to the front of the store thinking about it. It sure would have been easier to carry them that way, rather than all jumbled up in my arms-LOL!)

Memories doesn't take plastic, so if you visit, make sure you bring your check book or lots of cash, because you'll find a lot of great things that will need to come home with you!

The next place I stopped was Village Square Antiques in Davison. What a cute and charming shop! I've never been there before and was thrilled to have found it! It will be a "must visit" on my list from now on! It's not a huge place, but it was all displayed very nicely. The building is heated by an old wood burning cook stove and an old wood burning pot-belly stove.

There's just something about the smell of wood burning, that makes a place cozy and comfortable right away! The ladies working there were super friendly, and they went out of their way for me. I'd highly recommend this shop to you to add to your list of must visits too!!

I saw my first ever Kitchen Kraft covered casserole here. I've seen them on Ebay, but never in person-I was shocked at how tiny they are-especially for the price they command-WOW!!

I tried for another place in Davison, that was supposed to be very near to Village Square, but I couldn't find it, so I am assuming it went out of business.

Next stop--Carriage Town Antique Center in Flint. I've gone there about once a year since they opened. It too isn't one of my favorite places to visit, but it is worth the trip if you are in the area. I walked in and through the entire store-main floor and upstairs and not one of the employees there even said hello. I saw a couple of very gorgeous oak, curved glass china cabinets upstairs that I had to run my hand over and wipe the drool from my lip, but that was about all the jumped out at me.

Next stop--Collette's Vintage in Davison! This was my second trip and I have to say, I really LOVE this mall! They have such an eclectic mix of fun, funky, old, & new!! It's in a former Harley Davidson showroom, in fact, the Harley signs are still out front and on the building! If it wasn't so far away, I'd love to have a booth there!!!

The last stop was Fratz Consignment in Fenton. When they were in their old location, I never walked out empty handed. I always found something I just couldn't live without. Since they moved down the street a little ways, I've not had very good luck finding things. I really liked how they used to display things that were for sale, now it seems almost like everything is just thrown onto the shelves or in the middle of the floor. There always seems to be a lot of shoppers, so I think people like it a lot. I just miss the charm it used to have when it was in their old location.

Today I decided to head in the opposite direction and tried an estate sale that was in Huntington Woods. It's a little over 30 miles away and Kevin decided to ride along. We got a late start due to technical difficulties-the handle on our safe got stuck and I couldn't get my cash out! It took some muscle, but Kevin finally got it opened, but we were about 15 minutes late arriving at the sale. I never dreamed there would still be a line!!!

They stopped giving out numbers at #74 and I was at least 10-14 people past that!

There were still about 50 people in line when we got there! It was crazy! I waited about 40 minutes just to get inside. I saw another dealer from LAO there. I don't think she likes me, I always try to say Hi to her, but she turns away and won't make eye contact. She was about 20 people ahead of me in line, so I figured all the "good stuff" would be gone by the time I got in. I've seen her buy, and buy and buy at other estate sales.

I had a fun time chatting with the lady in front of me and the lady behind me-as we froze our fingers and toes off. When I got in, I got the main thing I drove all that way for!! YAY!!! A Fiesta small disk pitcher with 6 tumblers. I got it for less than one tumbler usually sells for! I scoured through the whole house-very neat house by the way! Architecturally, as well as clean, clean, clean! It was the home of a 98 year old woman and there wasn't a cobweb or spec of dust to be seen-even in the basement. I'd have to say it was the cleanest house I've ever been to an estate sale at.The other things I was interested in were all marked SOLD, but I was thrilled to get these little beauties!

There was a HUGE check-out line, and I ended up behind the lady I was behind when I was waiting to get in! We chatted away like old friends today. It's so much nicer when you meet nice, fun people when you go to sales! A couple of ladies were big jerks there, but for the most part, everyone else was friendly. Kevin waited outside with me for about 10 minutes, then he waited for me in the car! I can't blame him-there weren't any tools or guy stuff.

We swung by Knightsbridge Antique Mall on the way home. I LOVE this place too! I usually visit 3-4 times a year. I always find things there that I can't live without. I have a few booths there that have been my favorites for years and I get so excited when I come around the corner and there it is! I picked up a few more sheets of Meyercord decals today, and drooled over an absolutely gorgeous diamond and garnet ring ($450-yikes! Very worth the price-just from a beauty standpoint-since I know nothing about jewelry).

 Already working on the project for this cute little decal-what do you think? Too much yellow?

As you can see, I've got something in the works for these too!

We drove home via 7 mile road because Kevin grew up there and he wanted to see his old "stomping grounds". He rides with me to Knightsbridge a lot just to check out his old house, and his grandparent's old house. He grew up next door to his grandma and grandpa! His best friend's mom still lives two doors down.

We finished the day with a quick lunch at Tubby's, and a couple stops to check on prices for new brakes for my car.

It was a fun couple of days--now I have to get busy and get stuff together to take to my booth at LAO for dealer day on Sunday. It's time to take out all of the Christmas stuff and make some sort of a theme for January. I'm doing a blue, black and white theme. I've got my February stuff all set out in the spare bedroom, and I've started separating out stuff for March. Tomorrow, I'll be busy pricing and packing.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great day. Lots of places I've driven by but haven't stopped--guess I'll give them a try. LuAnn