Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wild Goose Chase...

Friday was a day that I should have stayed home. I had been running every day last week after work, and really needed some down time, but there was this restless feeling of not wanting to just hang out at home doing laundry and dusting all day. So, I did sleep in, but decided to head out and check out a couple of sales.

I thought I saw some Fiesta relish tray inserts in a picture at a sale in Roseville. So I quickly found another sale in that area to make it more worthwhile than driving all that way for just one sale, and just one item-but oh what an item!

Eric was bored since his classes haven't started up yet for the new semester, so he went along for the ride. Of course, the thing I thought I saw wasn't there-so I'm willing to bet it was Fiesta inserts. I scoured that sale a few times over in all of the rooms, not just the shelving unit I saw them on in the pictures. No luck.

Nothing else caught my eye, but it was fun to look. We ran into an older man who asked Eric if he was having fun yet, and I said "you bet!" while Eric shook his head no. The man laughed and told him, "at least she is having fun." We laughed and went upstairs as the man continued to search the basement.

We ran into him in another room, and he told me, "no dancing!" I am assuming he meant not to have so much fun that I break out in dancing...? Not sure on that one, but he thought he was clever. Eric and I laughed and walked out of that sale empty handed.

We went and got some lunch then went to the next sale, and sure enough, as I was in one of the rooms, I looked up and saw the old guy and he smiled and said "no dancing here either!" I just laughed and said OK, and went out to the car-empty handed again.

It was a bad day for finding treasures, but a great day for catching up with Eric and spending some much needed time with my boy! I can't believe he still will hang out with me once in a while...I bet the free lunch out might have had something to do with his decision to go, and the boredom....LOL!

He's a good kid, and we always laugh alot when we hang out together-I'm locking this day away in my heart as a day to be cherished. We stopped at several other stores along the way home-he wanted to visit Gander Mountain and Old Navy.

It turned out to be really balmy outside-we even had a window open in the car for a while! Welcome to the January thaw in Michigan!

Hope you are having a FUN weekend!! Can't wait to see what you've been finding!!!

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