Saturday, January 5, 2013

My 2013 Wishlist...

Every new year and every spring/summer I make a new wishlist to remind myself of what I am looking for when I am out sifting through junk at sales, auctions and shops. I like to go back and look at those lists from time to time to see how I'm doing. While I find a bunch of interesting things that aren't on my list, I've been very fortunate to have found a good chunk of things on my list. The list is my own personal collection list, not stuff I'd re-sell, just things I'd like to have for myself.

This year, the things on my 2013 wishlist are:

3 Vintage Fiesta relish tray inserts and the center bowl-not picky on the colors

A pink striped Pyrex #403 mixing bowl

An Opal Pyrex #404 mixing bowl

A yellow striped Pyrex #402 and #401 mixing bowl

A blue striped Pyrex set (all three sized)

A #6 vintage Fiesta mixing bowl

2- #7 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls

Vintage Hat Pins

Vintage Valentine Cards

Vintage/Antique photographs of kids or pets

An antique white ironstone chamber pot

A vintage Fiesta syrup pitcher

Vintage Fiesta juice tumblers

The three largest sized Federal Glass Company Mod Daisy bowls

The largest and the smallest Federal Glass Company Mod Daisy covered bowls

A vintage chenille bedspread to make a robe out of

Vintage quilts, tablecloths, hankies, and kitchen towels!

A vintage pink aluminum Christmas tree-tabletop size

A vintage wire locker basket

A couple of glass cloches

An old orchard ladder

 A head vase

And whatever else catches my eye!

How about you? What are you looking for this year? Send me an email, or leave a comment telling me what you're looking for and I'll help look for you!!

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  1. That is actually a pretty good idea to make a wish list. I'm going to do this this year. maybe it will make me quit buying some of the impulse buys.