Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Last Day of Fun-Before it's Back to Work!

I was thinking about going to the Gibraltar Trade Center today for their Garage Sale Extravaganza, but it's well over an hour away, and when I looked at their pictures online, all I saw in them were clothes. I'd hate to drive over an hour just for clothes.

So then I convinced myself that I really needed to stay home and finish pricing and packing up stuff for the booth for dealer day tomorrow...then I started thinking that this is my last free day before I go back to work on Monday, and back to a hectic, crazy, busy life-I'm gonna get out there and have an adventure!

I coerced my junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage to get out and have some fun too. She was going to stay home and work on stuff for Etsy and her booth too, but I talked her into shirking her work for a day of play!

On the way to her house, I almost got run over by a bunch of turkeys crossing the road! What a FUN start to my adventure!

We started at a new to us place in Ypsilanti called Salt City Antiques. I found them on Craigslist when I did a search for Fiestaware, and their pictures in their ad really hooked me! This is a really fun, funky, retro place with all kinds of vintage goodies and all kinds of newer Fiesta. It was like eye candy for me! Forget the male models, I drool over Fiesta and vintage goodies every time!


 This is the cabinet I saw on their Craigslist ad that hooked me into making the trip!

 Hazel Atlas Cris-Cross in red! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

 Even the stairway is filled with vintage and antique goodies!

Everywhere you turned there was more gorgeous Fiesta brightening up the place!

While it was fun to look, we both felt the prices were too high for our taste (because we are used to finding things much cheaper at estate sales), so we both walked out empty handed. The sleeve of my hoodie may or may not have been a little damp with all the drool I had to wipe away as I wandered through the store though!

After narrowly escaping a fender-bender, we got out of Ypsi, and headed for Blissfield. Another one of my favorite places to hunt for vintage goodies. I was soo disappointed! Their little downtown area used to have 4 wonderful antique shops, and I'm sad to report that when we got there today, there was only 1 left!!

OK, so it takes up a whole city block pretty much by itself, but the rest of them will be very sadly missed! I couldn't believe how many people were out antiquing today! I've been going to Blissfield for years, and I've never seen so many people in there-YAY for them for the increased business!!!

 LOOK!!! An old storage jar with the SAME decal that I am going to put on my new jars!!!
 I almost peed my pants when I saw this!!! 

This summer, I plan to try my hand at making some of these for my flower beds!

At one point, there was a steady stream of people waiting to check out at both cash registers-maybe people are spending their Christmas money, or maybe cabin fever is setting in, but whatever it is, it was AWESOME to see people out shopping for antiques and vintage goodies!

We ate lunch in the little Mexican restaurant in between the two halves of the building and I think we were both very impressed with what we got. We both got a chicken quesadilla and they came out on Fiesta platters!!!  On top of that, it was real chicken-not canned, the green peppers and onions were not over cooked and soggy, you could tell they were freshly made and not some mass produced after-thought. It was very reasonably priced too.

They had me with the Fiesta, then I tasted it-YUM!!!

So when in Blissfield, stop at the little Mexican restaurant between the two halves of the building-you won't regret it!!

We made one last stop at Swan Creek Candle in Dundee, they have antiques in the basement and kind like a  garage sale/flea market up on the second floor. I love shopping there, but the smell of the candles from the candle shop on the main floor is so over-whelming! It really hits you when you walk in. I don't know how the girls who work there can do it-the air is so thick with candle scent that after just a few minutes I could feel my throat getting sore, and now the smell is embedded in my hair! It's not a bad smell, just really strong.

We spent about 5 hours gabbing, blabbing and junking-it was FUN!!! Much better than sitting at home, missing out on the bright sunshine, and sticking prices on stuff for the booth!

I got about half of my stuff priced, and needed a break-already. I'm just about ready to go in again and finish-but I couldn't wait to share my day with you!

Starting Monday, I'm back at work, back to volleyball 3 nights a week, and back at all of the usual wife/mom stuff I usually do so there will be less time for adventures...but never fear, I'll ALWAYS make time for hunting for vintage goodies!

Here is what I got today...

 Too cute to pass up-especially at $2!

 My second chamber pot-and my last-but just wait til you see what I've done with them!

 A Maid of Honor fridgie in red and a Fire King fridgie in all white!

 I plan to use this for displaying stuff in the booth.

Honey Whip fired-on glass jar-I've never seen one with the lid so bold!

I also picked up another vintage yard stick-I met a couple at the check-out counter and the guy collects yard sticks! He has a giant crock by the door of their home and he has if filled with old yard sticks! If I never get to make my table with them, I have a fun way to display them now that I met them!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far!

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