Saturday, January 26, 2013

Treasure Hunting Therapy!

We're having a heat wave! It's 25 degrees today, with breaks in the big white fluffy clouds when you can actually see gorgeous blue skies and sunshine!!!

Kevin and I went to 2 sales in Ann Arbor today. The first sale we waited outside for about 20 minutes even though we got there a half hour after they opened! It was a tiny little house, so they were limiting the inside crowd. I was number 43.

I got another trunk...I can't quite figure out why I am attracted to them. It's almost like I have an old trunk radar that zeroes in on them and sucks me in. I just can't walk away! I've sold a lot of them, and so far I only regret selling one-the one Kevin and I made together. His brother bought it, so if I needed to, I could go to his house to see it.

I also got an awesome old formica table with chrome legs. It's seen better days, but the price was too good to walk away from, and it reminds me of my grandma (my dad's mom). She had one of these when I was growing up, but I think hers was bigger-this one is tiny! I bought it to sell, but it's so stinkin cute...

I also got to scratch another treasure off of my wish list! I got an old wooden ladder for my tablecloths! It's not really an orchard ladder, but it's old, and chippy and it fits perfectly in our sun room. I covered the rungs with saran wrap to protect the linens, since it is so chippy.

Kevin got a metal storage box, that he plans to use for tools and he actually took a bell thingy off of the back door and bought it. Once we got it home, we found the ringers are old fishing weights and the whole thing is homemade-LOL! He paid $10 for it! Goes to show you the old saying is true-one man's junk is truly another man's treasure!

The second sale was packed with people too-everyone must be having cabin fever! We even drove over a one-lane covered bridge to get to the second sale. It was a fun adventure today. We got out of the house, forgot about our woes for a little while, enjoyed the sunshine and blue skies and the balmy 24 degrees.

We even laughed a little at the car being filled with junk...that's one way to stick it to the more junk so they pay more for our moving expenses! Kidding!

It was good to get out and do something normal for a change. This past week has been a whirlwind roller coaster. We're keeping our chins up, doing our homework, and trusting God to lead us where He wants us. Thanks for all of the kind words of care and encouragement! I've been so blessed by your comments and emails!!! Even though I've never met most of you face to face, I consider you my friends!

 I couldn't walk away for $3...could you?

 An old work shirt was inside.

 The table is a little rough, but I'm still smiling thinking about all those canasta games I played with my grandma-and how badly she cheated! 

 One tired pup! She's been running and running and playing like crazy in the snow-she comes in with little snowballs under her armpits and stuck to her face!

 I had to go back inside when I got to the car and realized the girl only charged me for 1 dish towel and not 4. She was pretty surprised when I told her she only charged me for one and then paid for the rest. She did say thank you though!

 These crazy bell-like things were hanging on the backdoor at the first house. Kevin loves not so much!

Here's the ladder in all of it's chippy goodness! I love it...Kevin thinks I'm nuts!

I better get busy, I've done nothing but start a load of laundry today, and that's only because I need my shorts for volleyball later! :) 


  1. I love the trunk. I love old luggage in general. I also love the tabel. It's just like the one I grew up with and my dad still has out in his shop, but it's red. When I was a little girl I would get inside the ring where the legs are attached. I will be holding on to that table forever!

    1. I couldn't leave the trunk there for only $3...but I've already got 3 of them in the booth right now-what did I need another one for?!?!? :)

  2. For $3, I would definitely have bought the trunk. Your tablecloths look great on the ladder!