Friday, February 8, 2013

Be Still my Heart!

You won't believe what I got on Thursday!!! What Kevin drove a half an hour each way to get for me...he had to get there early and fight off someone else who wanted it just as badly, but he got it!! OK, so he didn't have to fight her off, he just had to grab it first because she wanted it too, and he was the first one in the door so he got first dibs according to the workers.

I put my GPS in his car, programmed the address from my favorites list, left him a hand-drawn map of what door to go in, and how many steps it would take to reach it, and he DID it!!! I'm so excited!! I can't stand it! I used my Birthday and Christmas money from my mom and dad, and they were thrilled that I got something I really wanted.

I got taken out to lunch by my boss as a belated birthday lunch, then I picked up Kevin and we toured our first house. He loved it because it had a 6 car pole barn with 4 over head doors and 14 foot walls. I didn't care for the house, it wasn't welcoming, and it was all closed off. What we have right now is an open floor plan and I really like it.

After that, he went to see the Hobbit again and my boys took me out to Red Robin. After dinner, I went to my cousin's house for our Thursday Bible study-we're doing Believing God by Beth Moore, and it was AWESOME!

I couldn't ask for a better start to my weekend! We got a few inches of fluffy fresh snow over-night and everything looks so beautiful! Hope you are staying warm, healthy and safe!

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Wow what a wonderful find...something you just never ever see!

  2. Yeah for you! What a great find. I remember a time when I was obsessed with getting one of these. Enjoy.