Sunday, February 24, 2013

What have you been up to?

What have you been doing the past couple of weeks? I've been working a lot! We had two youth retreats, one each of the past two weekends, so that means I have to work on both of those Fridays to make sure everyone gets checked in and gets safely on the bus and headed to the retreat. In prepping for both retreats, I've had to put in a lot of extra hours before hand too.

So that means, no sales for me! On Friday, I went to Novi to help a friend from work get her mom's house ready for an estate sale. The roads were so snowy that it took well over an hour to drive what would normally take about 20-25 minutes.

We worked really hard and we got the entire kitchen organized and priced as well as the dining room and one huge closet that used to be the pantry. I think maybe one more trip and we should be able to get everything priced. If I didn't need to work for the retreat check-in, we probably could have finished it off, or at least the whole upstairs.

I found 2 vintage yard sticks in the trash, and asked first then snatched them up! She just chuckled and shook her head. I also brought home 4 super tiny bread pans. I've been looking for some for a while, but just haven't been willing to pay top dollar. I'm thrilled with the yard sticks, she probably doesn't get it because to her they were trash.

Today, after church, we power cleaned the whole house. We have an appraiser coming on Tuesday to give us an idea of what our house is actually worth. We are hoping for an offer soon from the township-the waiting is really hard! Sometimes it all seems like a dream...maybe it didn't really happen! Then we look at the township map and see the part that has already been purchased around us, and realize -it's for real.

I got our taxes done and filed today as well as stocked up on groceries and made breaded pork chops and mashed potatoes for dinner. Now I'm searching for vacant property...if we can get enough, we'd love to build! I've already found a house plan that is everything we could ever want. We won't give up looking for one already built, but if we get the chance, and the money, we're gonna build.

I played volleyball 7 times in the last two weeks-had one night off...I got a new knee brace that looks really transformer-ish. It has been perfect-it just looks weird! Last night one of the guys thought I had gotten a tattoo on my knee! I assured him that if I was to get a tattoo on my knee, it would be a whole lot prettier than the crazy brace!

So, I'm still here-just no sales lately. I've been looking, haven't seen any worth the time and gas money to visit though. Plus, thinking about moving a bunch of extra junk isn't very appealing, so I may limit my purchases for a while-we'll see. I still haven't decided if I'm keeping the booth, or if I'm going to give it up. It still continues to chug along...

I do get to check off my last #6 Fiesta mixing bowl--I got a great deal on one on Ebay, and it came last week-just as described, although the seller sent me an invoice for higher shipping after I already paid...even though I live in the SAME state! I didn't argue-I was gonna get that bowl-no matter what! :)

Hope you've had a great couple of weeks!

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  1. Well, you HAVE been working a lot! Getting a house ready for sale is a ton of work....I've been on a jewelry-making binge. It's been a lot of fun, but I created a huge mess. Now I'm off to Florida to visit my mom for eight days and thaw out from the cold! Best of luck with everything in your world, Kim....