Sunday, February 17, 2013

How much stuff can one person collect?

I didn't get everything in my last post...and seeing all of the great comments on the things you collect has inspired me to get the camera out again! Although, there are some things I just can't get assembled together right now-like all of the galvanized tubs, pails and buckets I've been collecting over the years for planted flowers. I'll take a picture of them when it's warmer outside and they are at their best-filled with gorgeous happy flowers!

Here are a few more things I collect...

 This is my second relish tray...the one I got a week ago was actually #3! I forgot about this work in progress. I'm slowly but surely getting the inserts-only 2 side pieces and a center piece to go! It's a good place for the Harlequin nut cups for right now...I still can't bring myself to remove the stickers because I might forget to pinch myself-I really got them for ten cents each!!!

 The cake carrier and the bed tray were bought to you can see...I can't quite part with them...yet.

 The coffee carafe just moved in this past week-my first. Got it for a steal because it was missing the lid!

 I am slowly going crazy trying to find the bowls with the big daisies on them!!  I can never remember which red dot Fire King bowls I have and which ones I still need-I should write it down!!

 At one point, I had 58 vintage tablecloths. I weeded through them and sold several of them in the booth. I think it's time too weed some more out.

 Vintage ornaments=LOVE!!!

 I picked these up mostly because I thought Kevin would like them...I really like them on the window sill in the sun room.

 I'm very lucky that soap flake pitchers are rare,(around here) and pricey...otherwise....I'd be in trouble!

 My favorites! 

 Chamber pot #1 with vintage kitchen towels and swanky swigs!

 I've been dying for them...and now I don't know what to do with them!!!

 I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a yo-yo quilt some day...I hope, I hope, I hope I find one at an estate sale at a too good to be true price!!!

 Chamber pot #2 with more vintage kitchen towels.

 Plum & chartreuse Fiesta with a couple lilac cups and saucers. Lilac is too pricey, but I wouldn't pass it up if I found it for cheap!

 Amethyst depression glass, and 60's and 70's has been neglected since I found Pyrex and Fiesta!

 The blue pitcher and glasses are what started it all! They were my grandmas. My dad says they used to have milk in them every Sunday for Sunday dinner! I got them when I was in 11th grade, when she passed away. At the time, I didn't even want them...but after I got married I decided I was glad to have something that was hers. I went through a salt cellar phase for a while too--remember that Auntie?? LOL!

 This dusty cupboard is the left side of my buffet cabinet! YIKES!!! These are all pieces from my grandma...They've gotten pushed aside for the Fiesta and Pyrex. Once we move, I'm going to make sure they come out of hiding so I can see them and keep them cleaner!

 More dusty, dusty stuff-these pieces are in the entertainment cabinet Kevin made for our t.v.. He made doors with wavy glass on each side so I had more display space for my junk treasures. I just don't spend much time in the living room, now that I have the sun room...I'd almost forgotten about them (as you can see by the dust!).

 This is the right side of the buffet, more grandma stuff, and the basket is from my great-great grandma's sister's estate auction. My mom bought it when I was probably 10. She is much better at getting rid of stuff than I am!

 Another jar of ornaments! I think I have 5 or 6 giant jars of ornaments now. I think I am done with ornaments. I won't get rid of any, but I won't (fingers crossed) be buying any more (I hope).

 Pyrex primary set #1-blurry and dusty from Adam's drywall work in the basement.

 Ever since Adam turned our walk-out basement into his studio apartment, I lost my beautiful display and booth storage area! Now, I'm crammed into 1/6 of the space and the cabinets are all moved to make a wall for his bedroom-facing in toward my storage area-away from his living area. I can't believe he doesn't want to look at my junk treasures every day! ;)

On the shelves are more Fiesta, Pyrex, aluminum dessert bowls (two sets) a little black Sambo book, and some other books.

 I have a whole set of these, but the drywall dust was too much, and I practically had to stand on my head to get this shot with how he has everything crammed into my tiny little spot!

 Two egg nog sets-both bought to sell, but I can't let them go! They look really fun at Christmas filled with vintage ornaments and bulbs!

 More grandma stuff...not really my thing anymore...but I can't ever get rid of it!

 Fiesta, Fiesta go-along popcorn (metal) set, and tree toppers!

 An ironstone platter that was Kevin's grandma's (she insisted it came over on the Mayflower!) More Fiesta, Pyrex primary set #2 and some hankies. The gold drink set is from the booth-it just got set on the shelves so it wouldn't get broken- can for sure get rid of that!

 Another bowl set...Kitchen Kraft.

 Pyrex primary set #3.

 Clear glass platters-from my catering days! I collected these like crazy to use for serving. I have a couple of bins of them in the basement...I can probably weed through them and get rid of most of them since I'm not catering any more...but what if one of the boys finds a girl to marry who likes old junk treasures, and she wants a vintage shower or wedding...hmmm...maybe I can hold on to them a little longer---just in case!

 Amethyst crackle glass...I have another pinch vase and a little basket with a clear handle on my mantle shelf. The pitcher was the first piece, and it was a gift from an old boss when I left working for her about 8 years ago. I never thought she liked me, so I was shocked when a co-worker told me they scoured antique malls until she found this for me!

Pyrex primary set #4!!! How many sets does one person need!?!? Obviously 4 is the magic number because I've sold all of the other sets, or individual primary bowls that have come home with me.

I was chatting with my friend Marie one time about how I have a big addiction to bowls (an addiction she admits she shares!) and we were trying to count in our heads how many bowls or bowl sets we have. I gave up counting after a certain number due to embarrassment modesty.

I'm thinking I should get a good count of how many bowls I have for moving sanity's sake, and maybe thin things down a bit.

I'm off for now to a celebration dinner-in honor of Kevin's 20th anniversary at U of M! The whole family is going out to celebrate! Those 20 years sure went fast! I can remember when he was in nursing school just like it was yesterday!!

I'll still be looking for pictures if you decide you want to share your collections-I LOVE seeing what everyone collects and how it's displayed!

Hope you've had a happy weekend! Stay warm & safe friends!


  1. Wow I loved seeing it all! I want my hands on those many? amazing collection. Of course I love the Pyrex

  2. Oh my, you have lots of treasures - so pretty! I'd never heard of soap flake pitchers - they are precious!!

  3. You really do have a lot of collection, don't you! I think your tablecloth collection is very impressive. I think I have two of them and they aren't in the best of shape either. I have tons of "Grandma's" glass though! I felt I needed to grab it from my Mom's house before we had her auction, but I only ever use it at Christmas and then it just takes up storage space the rest of the year.

  4. Wow! You have some awesome collections!

    I just moved into a smaller house and I've had to do a whole lot of rearranging for my collections!

  5. You have a great collection; you and I would be shopping best friends and enemies at the same time!
    Can you tell me what those clear and blue threaded lids on the window seal are for? I see them everywhere and have NO idea what they are. If you could respond on your FB page, that would be great. Thanks

  6. I have lots of ideas for your tall desert domes, example: for Easter, you could put some grass a little handful of jelly beans and a "profile" white chocolate bunny with a thin pink ribbon bow around it's neck. Pinterest has tons of ideas for those domes. :o)