Saturday, February 9, 2013


We're still waiting for news from the township. Nothing yet. They were supposed to have a meeting on the 6th to discuss our property, so hopefully any day we'll have the offer. We've been doing our homework while we've been waiting...We've gotten two quotes for moving, and they are only about $400 apart. I can say only $400 because they are in the several thousands of dollars, so when it's only $400, you can really say only $400! YIKES! I had no idea moving could be so expensive! I was expecting around $2000, not $8000 or $8400. Hopefully that will all be paid in the offer/counter offer when we settle.

I think that number will come down some, because I've decided that me and only me (not even Kevin or the boys will be allowed to help-much to their joy and relief) will be wrapping and packing, and hauling and unpacking all of my vintage goodies. That way, if something happens, I'll only have myself to be upset with. Some of my lovelys are very hard to find-and probably impossible to find at the super cheap prices I paid for them.

I know a lot of people who've had successful moves where the movers were oh so careful with their stuff, and nothing got broken, but I'm one of those people that had a bad experience when Kevin got out of the Navy and we moved back to Michigan from California. Since we were newly married and the junk stuff was newly acquired, I didn't have an emotional attachment. Totally different story 22+ years later! Plus that stuff was all new from the store-not vintage goodness like I have now!

Since we found out that we are more than likely moving, and posted our shock and dismay (maybe unwisely, but what's done is done-even if it was in a moment of shock and disbelief) on Facebook, Realtors, movers and appraisers have been coming out of the woodwork! All of a sudden we are getting calendars, and flyers and phone calls. Even from people we've never met who are friends of friends who heard about our plight.

Part of me thinks how nice, they want to offer their help, but the other part of me can't help but noticing the buzzards circling above and around us, just waiting to make a killing on our misfortune.

We have our contract with the attorney, we'll be signing it later today and emailing it back. That actually was about $1000 less than I expected. It's still so hard to wrap my head around us being gone from here within the next 6 months or so. It's easier to just keep swimming like Dorie, and not think about it.

I need to get busy, de-cluttering now for the appraisal. Even though it should be based on square footage and attributes, some websites say appraisers can be swayed into lower appraisals by clutter, and boy do we have clutter! One man's junk is another man's treasure...we just need to find an appraiser who appreciates vintage goodness-LOL!

I'm planning to have a giant blow-out garage sale as soon as the weather warms up. I'm hoping some friends might want to come and set up in the yard and take advantage of my great location one last time and have their sale here too. A few years ago a couple friends and I did just that, had three separate sales at the same time in my yard and it was so much fun-and we sold a ton of junk and goodies!

Still tossing around the idea of closing the booth, and maybe just selling via flea markets...I'm wondering if the expenses might be less, without having rent to pay...I know it involves moving stuff back and forth, but I kind of do that now with the booth and I have to pay rent plus commission now, and I  can't imagine booth space at a flea market even coming close to the monthly rent I pay now in the antique mall. We'll see, I'm only writing in pencil these days.

What are your plans for the weekend? We've got volleyball later today, I've got a mountain of laundry to do, and I plan to start the de-cluttering process, at least a little bit.

Hope you Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!! It's a gorgeous sun-shiney day here, even if it is cold and there is snow everywhere! Makes me think of the great spring days when I hung my linens on the line to dry...

The sun is actually much brighter today than when I took these shots--maybe I should get busy soaking some linens!

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