Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bonus Day Off!!!

Things at work are pretty slow right now. something that very rarely happens, and I had everything that needed to be done for the week, done yesterday, so I asked my boss if I could take today off. She said go for it! It turned out to be really gorgeous outside, and I had an absolutely wonderful day!!

It started off with a few sales in the morning, a lunch date with Mr., some yard work, and some organizing of treasures. My shelves are overloaded with vintage Pyrex!! My youngest son said they might collapse, but Mr. says he made them extra sturdy to hold a lot of weight. I'm very lucky that he is so talented, and can make me such nice things out of wood!

The first sale I went to this morning was less than a mile from my house. They had a sign out that said "SUPER VINTAGE SALE". I was anxious to see what treasures they had! I wasn't disappointed-they had a LOT of great things. I enjoyed looking at it all, and even bought a few things. I went to 6 more sales after that one, and I didn't buy a single thing. I enjoyed looking at the things they had for sale and saw quite a few very interesting pieces, but things were either priced too high for my cheapness, or they were things that I liked but could live without.

I sent out a few text messages to people who've had me looking for things for them. They took a really long time to respond, so I ended up leaving the sales. You can only walk around so many times before (I think) people get suspicious-especially if you aren't buying anything!

As things like that go, I got about 10 miles away and got the response text of "YES!! GET IT!!" I had to say sorry, I'm too far away now. I gave them the address, so hopefully they were able to get over to the sale and hopefully the thing they wanted was still there!

I used to buy things as soon as I saw them, when people asked me to look, but now I make sure I get a confirmation before I pay. I've been stuck too many times with things that people decided they didn't want after all, or they just bought one and forgot to tell me to stop looking...or other times when I've bought something they've asked me to find, I've given them the items, and they don't have the money right then and there, but will get it to me-which doesn't always happen.

This is what came home with me today...

 A small old oak child's chair and an ivory beaded purse jumped in my car too, but they didn't make it into the photos. :)

These pics are of my cramming organizing efforts...


  1. I recently picked up some of those pink bowls too. Don't they go great with the Pyrex Gooseberry pattern?


  2. Your shelves look great -- you're lucky to have so much space to display all your goodies!

    Thanks for telling me about the vintage sale -- I found some good stuff there, too...