Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Trip, Lots of FUN!

Today, Mr. and I headed to Lansing for Mega Mall's outdoor flea market. It was HUGE! So many vendors, so much variety-I LOVED it! After walking through, and finding a couple of treasures, I made a quick trip through the store. If it wasn't so far away, I'd LOVE to have a booth at one of their flea markets. The atmosphere is so much fun!

After Mega Mall, we went to Menard's and returned some leftovers from our front porch project, and to use the rebate that we got in the mail for some mulch for the flower beds. We got 4 plants and 30 bags of mulch-for FREE! Our rebate from the porch stuff completely covered it. We still have a couple more rebates to use, but nothing to buy right now, so that means another trip sometime in our near future. I wish Menard's would come to our area...or maybe I don't-I might be there all the time!

Our next stop was The Little Red Schoolhouse for me, and Harbor Freight for Mr. As soon as I walked in the front door, I saw a cute little display that was about a foot off the floor in front of the check-out desk, and on that display, I found a vintage turquoise Fiesta bulb candle holder!!

I scoured the rest of the mall, hoping for a second, but no luck! One of the workers helped me look and she even called the dealer, but there was only one...bummer!! It was fun to look, it's one of my favorite stores. Did you know they also do flea markets? Theirs was last Sunday. The worker told me that their entire parking lot is full of vendors on flea market days. I'm going to have to add their flea market schedule to my calendar!

After we got home, we planted the plants, spread the mulch, took a quick dip in the pool to cool off, and I finished soaking and hanging some linens. We got a lot accomplished today, and even had a few minutes to relax. This was a GREAT weekend!!!

Here is what I saw and found today...

 Mega Mall Flea Market-so much fun!!!

 Little Red Schoolhouse-if you look closely, you can see their flea market schedule in their window.

 I have a bunch of maps that I can't wait to mod podge on to something...this desk looks awesome!!

 This booth is having a 60% off sale! I took this pic for a friend who is always on the lookout for buttons.

 These are my treasures for the day, Fiesta, Pyrex and a vintage tablecloth!! Definitely a small addiction going on here!

The very last of the linens that needed to be soaked...until I find that bag that the boys did something with.

We tried to have a little bonfire last night, but the mosquitoes were too bad, so we quickly made a couple of s'mores and raced inside. My next task is to find an organic, non-toxic mosquito repellent. Do you have any suggestions??

Hope you had a great weekend too!!


  1. I've heard dabbing on vanilla (the good stuff, not the imitation) in areas like you would perfume help keep the mosquitoes away. Plus, it smells nice. :)

  2. I am almost at the bottom of my soaking pile too. All that I have left are a stack of Christmas tablecloths. I better find some more!

    Love the linen with the orange flowers. I have a similar one with blue.