Monday, July 14, 2014

More Summertime Fun!

We've been home from vacation for about a week and a half, and in that time, we have had something going on every night of the week, we put a new front porch/deck on and sold some junk treasures at a local flea market! It has been crazy busy around here!!

The front porch is really nice. It is composite decking so we'll never need to stain it again, and probably never have to replace it again. I keep waiting for the letter to come again from the township telling us they want our property again! I'm not worrying, because you can't change it by worrying, but it is always in the back of my mind...wondering how long it will be before they try again.

The flea market (my first ever as a seller) went really well! I had my youngest son's mini van and my vehicle loaded up on Friday night-packed front to back, floor to ceiling, and we loaded up Mr's car Saturday morning. Once we got to the school's parking lot (at 6:30 am) where the flea market was, the young one went home (3 miles away!!) for another van full!

It was pretty awesome being only 3 miles from home. I'm glad I picked this sale as my first flea market to sell at. It was really low-key, low investment financially and low time commitment. In year's past, there have been some really good vintage/junk/antique dealers at this flea market. This year, I think I was the only one with that type of stuff.

I lost track of how many people came up to me and told me how much they liked my booth! They said over and over how mine was the best one there, it had tons of fun stuff to look at, and they liked how I set it up. I made pretty decent money too, and we returned home with one less van load than we took!! It was a win-win kind of day!

After we got everything home and stored in the barn, I went online and treated the fam to steak dinners from Applebees. I don't know if they were really as good as they tasted, or if we all were just starved from all of the hard work, or if we were just happy to not have to cook or clean up, but we really enjoyed our dinner that night!

I always enjoy people watching and Saturday was no exception. I got to chat with a lot of people from our church, and I met a few new people. There were lots of friendly people, and a few that were pretty difficult, but all in all, it was a fun day. The weather couldn't have been any better, and set up and tear down went better than I imagined. markets on a regular basis have totally left the building! I just want to finish selling off the rest of my booth inventory, and enjoy going to sales for the fun of it again.

I haven't been to very many sales this summer, so far. I took my lunch break early last Thursday (10:00 am-I love junkin lunches!) to go to a sale downtown. As I was leaving, my boss was coming in, and she decided she better go too! She found more than I did! The sale was only a block and a half from her house, so we dropped off her treasures at her house, before stopping at one more sale then heading back to work.

After work, I picked up the youngest at home and he and I went to a few more sales. I found three pieces of  vintage Pyrex at two different sales. It's been a looooonnnnnngggg time since I've found vintage Pyrex in the wild. One sale had two butterprint cinderella bowls. The smaller of the two was pretty dishwasher damaged and the larger one was in excellent condition. They were for sale as a set for $4. I sold the DWD bowl at the flea market for the price that I paid for both-so the bowl I kept was actually FREE!!

 This pattern is fron 1962. It's not my style, but for the price, I couldn't pass it up-it's in really good condition, so I'm hoping I can find another Pyrex-aholic to swap with me for something I'd rather have!

 I picked up the license plates for fifty cents each. They will go with the other 30 or so that I picked up in the U.P. while we were on vacation. I haven't had time to find a project to use them for, but one of these days I will!

 These look like a Pyrex go-along for the Butterprint set!

 I've never seen a Mason jar this size/color before.

 These were from a little old lady's house that is just down the street from my work.I see her outside all the time sweeping her driveway and meticulously working in her yard. I finally got to meet her, and I couldn't pass up these candle holders, because she inspires me.

 These are two things I am very excited about! They are the side leaves to an enamel table. They are the parts that slide in and out to make the table bigger or smaller. I am planning to use them as shelves on the wall! I think they would be awesome with some red brackets to match the red trim that goes around the edge!

I also bought a bunch of knitting needles at a sale. I plan to use them with all of the old faucet handles that I got in Douglas at the antique mall, and make them into a bouquet in a vase. I love to repurpose!

On Friday, I didn't go to any sales. I stayed home in the morning, only running out to get change for the big sale on Saturday and to go to lunch with Auntie! We hadn't seen each other for 6 or 7 weeks! I don't think we've ever not seen each other for that long since we met! She had some great stories about her travels,and she even brought me a gift from Australia! I LOVE it!!! That was really sweet and awesome of her to think of me, and bring something all the way back from down under-especially when luggage space was at a premium! THANK YOU AUNTIE!!!

This was my space at the flea market-the giant tan tent,straight ahead and the parking spot to the left of the tent.

See how close my neighbors tables (behind my Pyrex and glassware) were to mine? People kept assuming their tables were mine and asking me how much things were. They didn't have a single thing marked, so people were asking a LOT!  I was watching and listening and was impressed that the price they quoted one person was the same price they quoted everyone that inquired about the same items. Most cases, that I've found, that isn't the case.

So, with what's left...the big question is-save it in the bins until next summer's flea market at the high school? Have another garage sale at the end of September at my house? List it on Craigslist and unload it all as cheaply and quickly as possible? What would you do??

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  1. Your booth WAS the best one there -- I'm glad to hear that it was worthwhile for you!

    Great finds at the sales. I especially like the turquoise and white salt & pepper (but, of course, I would, wouldn't I)?!