Thursday, July 31, 2014

Too busy to post last few weeks in pictures....

Tuesday evenings, June through the end of August...7pm until dark, we have drop in volleyball at our house. Each week it seems there are different people, some regulars, and some who just drop in. It's always a good work out and a fun time. 

A new restaurant opened in our town...tried it out last weekend with my youngest. Not a big fan. Glad I tried it, the food wasn't bad, just wasn't great.

Been soaking this little gem, that I got for a steal. The previous owners must have washed it in hot water and the color from the red border ran into the white causing it to turn pink. It's stubborn and wants to stay pink. I see many more soaking days in my near future.

Last Saturday, my youngest, the Mr. and I gave blood at a local church. I was planning to give double red, but was turned down because of low iron. Mr gave double red, and Eric and I just gave a regular donation. First time in a long time that I didn't end up with a giant bruise at the needle mark. 

Some flowers my youngest planted next to our pool. For the longest time they looked like weeds, and just barely survived the weed whacker.I'm glad he kept telling me to be patient.

Tulle is EVERYWHERE! Glitter is EVERYWHERE!! We've been busy making tutus for our team to wear when we walk in the Spina Bifida fundraiser walk in a couple of weeks. Our team is "Zoe's Court", and the reason we are walking and raising money for research is our sweet little 6 year old cousin-who LOVES to dress up as a princess. We are making 13 tutus-6 are done and 7 to go. Just waiting for a break in everyone's schedule to finish them up!

This is the before shot-so much hair, she could hardly see!

The after shot-looks like a totally different dog!!

A new to me vintage tablecloth--LOVE it!!!

Heading to Bay City on Saturday for a mini family reunion, less than half of the family is able to attend, but we're hoping for good weather and great times!!

Can't believe tomorrow is August already!!!  Hope you're having a great summer!!!

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