Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anxious Wreck!

I got home late from work today and didn't see my Maddie jumping up and down excited to see me...I went in the house, and still didn't see her. I got Eric going with his graphing homework in Excel and starting calling and whistling for her. I tried calling the local Humane Society (it was 4:57-they close at 5) but they weren't answering. I tried our local animal control office and their recording said they closed at 5, but offered their website as an option to look for your lost animal.

I'm pretty sure I found her. There wasn't a picture, but the description was all her-except the supposed age...they listed her as only 2 years old...we're not sure since we adopted her almost 10 years ago but we think she might be 11 or 12. I made Kevin and Eric run to get her so I could keep looking just in case. Plus...I'd be a basket case driving there! Thank goodness that tonight is their late night and the actual shelter is open until 7pm-otherwise I would be a total wreck by morning!

I know she is getting up there in age, and I should be preparing myself for when she isn't here any longer...but I'm just not ready for that! She's such a big part of our family! She's like another one of my kids-at least to me...(sigh) please Lord...let this dog at the shelter be my girl!

I'm supposed to be heading out to a celebratory dinner tonight with the girls from my Wednesday night volleyball league...we took first place this year and we get t-shirts and a trophy...I can't go unless my girl is found safe and sound!

update: It's her!!! It's all good-she's on her way home!!! YAYYYY!!!!!


  1. Oh I so hope you find Maddie soon. Please let us know when u do! I understand my Heidi is 11 and I know some day soon I will have to face facts, but I love her so....

  2. So glad it was her!!!! Glad this story ended well...Maddie is adorable!

  3. I'm so glad your baby is safe home with you!