Saturday, May 14, 2011

What to do on a Rainy Saturday Date Day....

This morning Kevin and I took off together in search of Harbor Freight Tools and an estate sale. We stopped at a sale out in the country and ended up being #3 & #4. I was shocked because we were less than an hour early! The pictures in the ad showed over 150 pieces of Fiesta and more than that of Pfaltzgraff Village pattern (no one even stopped to look at the hundreds of pieces of this). The Fiesta was very reasonably priced for the most part. I got quite a bit. The lady right behind us in line had her husband and two daughters picking pieces for her and I missed out on all the egg cups, but I did get two mixing bowls that I needed for my set, and one of them was only $1! I'm going to have to teach Kevin to be a better estate sale shopper so he can help me grab up the good stuff! ;)

After we left the estate sale, we headed toward Harbor Freight, but had to stop at a couple of garage sales along the way. I picked up a few  more things-not Fiesta but hopefully good things for the booth. Can you believe he actually spent more time in Harbor Freight than I did at the estate sale?!?! Good thing I brought my book! Today was a nice day for us to get out and get back on track with our usual summer Saturday outings. We've been through a lot of junk lately so it was nice to just have a carefree morning and spend it together!

 I've never seen that blue bottle before. It came in the original box. It is called Mohawk Fiesta Ware Cherry Liqueur-bottled by Mohawk Liqueur Corp., Detroit, Michigan.

 There was a whole 6' table of Raggedy Ann & Andys at this sale. I had no idea about value/pricing, I just guessed and picked out a couple good looking sets in a price I was willing to pay. Hopefully they will sell! I got a couple Fiesta identification books, a blue chop plate, a sauce boat, a creamer, a pair of orange shakers, a green shaker, a popcorn set, a #3 and #1 mixing bowl, a couple of cereal bowls and a log cabin syrup tin.

A couple of bags for a quarter each, a Pooh sheet for five cents to lay down in the back of the car to protect the carpet, an old oval vegetable bowl, and a couple of Christmas decorations.

After he was done tool drooling, we stopped at Walmart to get things for tonight's volleyball blind draw tournament/potluck. I usually get shirts, the main meat and a couple of side dishes along with beverages and a dessert out of the money that people have paid to play for the year, and everyone else brings a dish to pass. I usually do ice cream with all kinds of toppings and cake. While I was looking at the toppings, a mother and her teenage son came by and picked up a funky looking topping. I asked if it was any good and they both very expressively said YES! So I bought some-they also suggested the A & W I got that too. Maybe someone will like it.

The cake I got was on the reduced rack. It is actually a graduation cake-HA! Is that tacky or what?!? Oh well-it will be eaten so fast, I doubt anyone will know it was day old, and/or that it was a graduation cake. The cashier was insistent that I go get a name put on it. I tried to explain that it wasn't for anyone in particular but she kept talking about it-then asked if it was for a boy or a girl...I tried explaining what it was for and she said, volleyball? today? in the rain? When I said it was inside, she couldn't comprehend what I was talking about...I'm still not sure if she ever really got it.

Here's my shirt design. I actually made it last year (2010), and only changed out the year this year and changed the shirt color.

I think I've come to the conclusion that the booth is just a means to support my Fiesta addiction! As long as I buy a few things here and there to stock the booth to keep sales up, I can still pick up Fiesta here and there. I think if I can sell the things I plan to sell at the prices I want to sell them at, I will only be out about $6 for all of the Fiesta! I wonder if any of it will be left tomorrow when everything goes half off...hmmm maybe a Sunday drive is in order after church tomorrow!


  1. Love the S&P and the red spice rack with the jars. I found one myself this weekend, it's missing a jar tho..

  2. Found your blog when looking at Pyrex Collective.
    You do find the most amazing stuff - drooling here.
    I've added your blog address to my sidebar so others can find you too.
    - Joy

  3. You got some great stuff -- I'm drooling over the Fiesta mixing bowl and the spice rack set! It makes that trip to Harbor Freight worth it. :-)

  4. Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. I am looking forward looking at more of your great finds.
    - Joy