Friday, May 6, 2011

Look What Came Today!

A Riviera creamer, and plate and a Harlequin creamer!!!

Haven't seen any good sales lately-especially with the wonderful gas prices. Next week is another week...hopefully something good will show up!

The following week I'm doing an estate sale for my grandparents. They live in Cheboygan, and are now living in an assisted living facility. Grandpa will be 89 on the 23rd. Grandma is going to be 83 in December. Five years ago, I did a HUGE clean out/downsize sale for them, and a few months later, a quick moving forest fire burned their house down. They both have hoarding tendencies, so I thought they can't have gotten very much in the past few years...this sale is going to be a piece of cake-HA!

Just for starters...4 weed trimmers, 2 rice cookers, 6 bottles with oil and peppers, 900 million Precious Moments figurines, 3 cordless drills, tons of unused bottles of craft paint and tons of unused tools...I'm getting more and more overwhelmed as the sale gets closer! My Mom and Dad won't be there to help with the sale because they are leaving for a 3 week vacation to Alaska-to celebrate their 45th anniversary. My Aunt was supposed to be there to help, but she found another lump in her leg (she has been battling melanoma and it has spread twice now causing lumps in her leg), and she needs to get it removed (please pray for quick healing for her). Looks like it's going to be just me-YIKES!

I've been busy researching prices and planning my strategy. Now I just have to hope that people will actually show up and buy their junk-especially since it isn't old!


  1. you poor did they accumulate so much in 5 yrs? That is terrible they lost their house. I hope it goes well, go slow and just go at it a little piece at a time!

  2. WHoah, that's a huge responsibility to be in charge of! Hope that it goes ok! Well done to your parents by the way, that's a great achievement! Hope your aunt is ok, will pray!
    Good luck with it!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments friends! I think the waiting for the sale to get here is going to be harder than the actual sale! That and hoping they don't try to move themselves back home like they did a year ago, is really stressful!