Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Days of Some Interesting Finds...

Being an airport chauffeur for my parents yesterday turned into a fun treasure hunt in an area of older homes with several sales. There were about a dozen sales and only one was all kids and baby stuff! I enjoyed being in a totally different area-one I've never been to before, and probably will never get to again.

These are my treasures from yesterday...two of the things I picked up are things I think a certain Chicken's Auntie might like...

 This is for Christmas cards. It's a little over 2' tall and it was fifty cents. I'm thinking of spraying it-maybe black...or red...

 This is the best find of the day. It is the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. It's a chalk ware T.V. lamp and it was only $3. I can't find any online to find out what they are worth or how much to list it at other than the worthpoint website, and since I don't have a membership...I'm out of luck!
 A bunch of old bottles and decanters-a quarter each!

 An old soybean flakes sack.

 A Teacher's Highland Cream Whiskey box-can you see the price? Yep! $1. He had others that were $10-$15, so I don't know why this one was so cheap-but I'm happy it was!

 An old dog biscuit sack.

 Five pairs of old gloves for $1.

 A couple of old photos and a few old prints.

Stuff on England and the Royal Family...hmmm..I wonder who might like these...?

 A couple of vintage glass soap dishes, an etched glass, a tin, an A & W mug, a couple of atomic pedestal flutes and a Gooseberry Pyrex dish-all of this for $5. See the lovely trunk interior? Pretty interesting-huh?

Yes (sigh), another trunk...I just couldn't walk away! It was $20 and it had the interior tray...

 A brand new, never used vintage tablecloth from Japan.

 A pair of Russell Wright chartreuse dinner plates, and some aqua swirl glasses. I got the plates, glasses and tablecloth at a church barn sale.

Today I had company! Auntie and I were finally able to get out and do some treasure seeking together! It's been a month since we've gone to any sales together! We drove all over the place and went to quite a few sales-most of which were good ones! Between the two days, I only spent $39-including the trunk which was $20. What do you think about the interior of the trunk? The lady holding the garage sale said it was the original material from the 1920's...I'm not so sure...what are your thoughts??? It feels like something between a polyester and a rough cotton.

Last week my sister-in-law went to a sale at her church and was a secret shopper for me. I kept getting picture texts from her asking if she should buy this or that for me. This is what she got me...

A vintage Yellow Pages letter opener, a couple of vintage half aprons, a pile of hankies, and an old scrabble game for ten cents. Total cost last week? $3.

The boys and I spent a good couple of hours hanging the tongue and groove pine on the ceiling of the sunroom this afternoon. It's very long and tedious job-and it was very sticky today-it got up to 82 very muggy, hot degrees here in Michigan. The deck is almost done on the sunroom, and once the ceiling is done, then we can do the drywall and tile the floors. We decided with all of the traffic coming in off of the sand volleyball court that the wood, although warmer, would take a beating from the grit of the sand-so we are going with super tough porcelain tile.

Tomorrow is the end of the season potluck and blind draw tournament for our Saturday volleyball league-whew! The last one is finally ending and we can stop running so much! Although we LOVE volleyball, by this time of the year, we are ready for a break. Tomorrow I'll show you the shirts I designed for the tourney...I forgot to take a picture earlier and I'm too hot and sticky to take one now! Our air conditioner won't turn on and our house is 78 muggy degrees right now-it's gonna be fun sleeping tonight-ugh!!!


  1. It was fun getting to go out shopping together! I like the chalkware TV lamp you got the day before, too.

  2. So many beautiful finds! Love those sweet gloves!