Monday, May 30, 2011

Making Progress!

For several months we have been working on our sun room project. It all started 2 years ago (when Adam graduated high school). We needed our roof replaced and Kevin suggested extending a roof out over our deck. Since our yard used to be a sheep pasture, there wasn't much in the way of shade, and our deck was always blistering hot and we barely used it during the 15 previous years living here.

Since we had the roof over the deck, we used it more than we ever did in all of the previous 15 years combined! Last fall, we decided we wanted to use it year round because we love it so much-so we started the process that was supposed to be a 2 week process (or so our builder told us). On June 1st it will be 8 months! It took forever to get the permit (the local building department was being stinky). Once we got going we ran into a host of issues, but I think we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Another obstacle is the permit expires on June 1st. So we are going to have to pay another $50 for a new permit-ugh!

Yesterday we finished the tongue and groove pine on the two peaks, and we hired a guy we found on Craig'slist to do the small amount of dry wall. He called and asked if he could come do the job today! He thought he could have the whole thing completed by the end of the day because he uses low moisture mud that dries faster than traditional. He got here about 11 this morning...left at 5 and had an hour lunch break half way through----AND--- he got it all done TODAY!!! He did a great job too!

The next step is to make the built-in cabinets and tile the floor, and then we can finally enjoy our room!

Here are some pics to show the progress...

 Once it stops raining for a few days, these doors will be painted to match the transom windows.
 That post was Kevin's idea of a way to hang my hanging baskets-it won't be there very  much longer-I got two shepherd's hooks from my grandma that look way better.
I didn't take any pictures of the walls after they were taped and mudded, but you can take my word for it it-they look GREAT! This is the ceiling that drove us crazy for the last few weeks as we put it up. We still have to trim out the skylights (I got them at a garage sale-new in the boxes with the flashing!). and where the ceiling and wall meet, but we can really see some progress and that is such a wonderful feeling!!

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