Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breathe In...Breathe Out...

We head north to Cheboygan  (to my grandparent's house) tomorrow at 7am...I feel like I have a HUGE weight on my chest. I am so totally not nervous about the sale itself, but stressing about them! They keep calling and telling me what they want to keep, and what price they want put on certain things. I can't convince them that they will not get $400 for an item they paid $100 for 5 years ago! I cannot convince them that the John Deere riding mower that they bought for $1700 5 years ago isn't worth $3000 now.

I cannot convince them that they do not need dishes or 3 sets of silverware in their assisted living facility (code name apartment). I cannot convince them to stay home and let me do all the work! I cannot convince them that there will be no room for them and their walker and scooter in the house during the sale-they want to watch people buying their stuff. I tried explaining that it has always been uncomfortable for me at sales when the owners are there watching, and I usually don't buy much if anything at sales like that. I've been praying that they will change their minds and decide to stay home Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Kevin was able to get someone to cover his shift on Friday at the hospital, so he is able to go-that's a big relief! Eric was able to get all of his homework early and get it done early so he won't miss anything in school while he is gone. He even went in early yesterday and stayed late both yesterday and today to make sure he wouldn't get behind-that's a big relief too!

It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive to their house, and one of the first things we have to do when we get there is mow the lawn, otherwise my soon to be 89 year old grandfather insists he will take the shuttle bus from the "apartment" and do it himself. He doesn't see that he can't walk anymore and can barely get on and off his scooter-he still sees himself as a vibrant 60 year old man-not an older man who can't do much for himself anymore.

Oh well.... I guess it's going to be what it's going to be, but I can still pray and hope-right?


  1. I am sorry you have some hard days ahead. I could not watch my stuff be sold if I were them. I dread the day that ever happens to my husband and I...a long way off I hope!
    I hope things go well for you, be careful and just remember...give them some love, like I am sure you always do.

  2. Oh my. It's very difficult to sell a relative's items. I suggest you blame the current economy in Michigan. Otherwise, perhaps some of the items would be worth much more. Times are tough now, and folks just can't afford to spend money like they used to. They are out looking for bargains. Do you think that would help your grandpa understand? Good luck, Kim!

  3. All the best. I hope it goes well.