Sunday, July 31, 2011

Before and After...

I'm so glad I looked on the garage floor, under a table at a sale yesterday!  I'm also glad I didn't let myself get scared by the condition they were originally in(because 6 months ago I would have)! I'd say this was a very good find-especially at $3 for the set!

I can't wait for the built in cases to be built for our sunroom! They will look wonderful next to all of my vintage Fiesta!


  1. I love those canisters -- in fact, I spent a bit more (HA!) than $3 putting a set together for my kitchen. I'm happy that you didn't get scared off by the condition, because you did a great job cleaning them up. They look wonderful now!

  2. Super nice canisters. It pays to look up, down, and under things at a sale. Nice find!

  3. Wow, did you just clean them or do you have a secret?