Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Waiting is Killing Me!

Eric is coming home today! He's been gone for the past 8 days on a mission trip with his youth group from church and they are due back today between 5 and 6pm. The clock is ticking sooo slowly today-it's just killing me! What am I ever going to do when both of the boys move out of our house?!?!

I went to the booth this morning for dealer day and dropped of a few new things, but there really isn't any room in there to add more stuff-every square inch is full! Maybe even a little too full. I brought most of it back home. I'm thinking that after I get back from this trip north that I'll probably take out some stuff, so what I leave will be able to be seen better. It is overwhelming to me when I walk up to it, so I'm thinking it might be to shoppers too. Maybe less is best-for a while at least.

I got to see Auntie's new booth at the mall-it is so cool! I know it is a LOT of work to get it all set up, but it looks so cool! I'm sure she is going to have great sales! I walked around the mall before I left to see if there was anything calling my name that I couldn't live without, and I didn't find anything this time.

On the way home,  I went and visited with Adam for a while (he's still house sitting at my friend's house) before he had to go to work. He's got two CNA jobs right now and is in the middle of working 12 days in a row. He has next weekend off and is planning on coming to my parent's with at least one of his friends for the weekend.

His best friend is getting married! He's going to be the best man in October sometime. That makes me feel sooo darn old to think my son's best friend is getting married!! I think I am glad that right now Adam doesn't have a girlfriend. Although, I got married when I was 20... His friend hasn't been dating his fiance for very long-so Adam is worried for his friend, and hoping they aren't moving too fast. I've wondered that too, but when you see them together-it just seems right. You can tell she really loves him and he just seems to glow and has even come out of his super shy shell since they've been together.

I'm off to check out your blogs to see what goodies you've found this weekend! I love looking at all the great stuff you find and reading about your adventures.

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