Saturday, July 9, 2011

Josie's Posies and Amish Pie!

Yesterday Kevin and Adam came up to my parents house for the weekend. They got here just in time for Kevin to head out with me to an estate sale I found in the paper. It looked really promising. They had all kinds of specific things listed, including woodworking tools, tools, dishes, glassware, and a LOT of other interesting stuff.

When we go there, it was kind of scary. The house was out in the middle of nowhere, it looked really run down, no cars were in the yard (because there really wasn't a driveway). It was a very heavily wooded lot and when we pulled in, an older teenage boy came out of the house. He looked at us like we were from another planet, so I asked if this was where the sale was (since they had an old faded out "Garage Sale: sign by the road). He confirmed that it was, and lead us to a shack of a garage.

It almost looked like something Mike and Frank from the pickers would dig through.It definitely wasn't set up for any type of a sale! It was just a jumble of junk, and nothing was priced. Needless to say, we looked politely, because we committed to the sale by driving in and walking up, but we walked away without any new treasures.

Since we were really close to Curtis, I talked Kevin into a little side trip before we worked our way back home. We went to Josie's Posies, a florist shop/antique shop. Every Friday they have a flea market, where dealers set up in their parking lot, along with an Amish family that sells their baked goods. We didn't buy anything from the flea market or the shop, but we did get a delicious, Amish blueberry pie! YUM!

After that, we headed for home, but stopped at a garage sale on the side of the road. I found some great deals-some to keep, and some for the booth. Kevin doesn't see the potential that I see, he just sees junk-LOL!

I also made another stop at the "Junk Shop" in Naubinway and rescued the set of Fiesta bowls for an incredibly awesome price! This is the same place I got the set of smaller Fiesta bowls from last Friday, and the enamel top table last summer. If you find yourself in the U.P. at any time during the summer months, make a stop at the Junk Shop-it's crowded chaos inside, but the owner usually is willing to make a deal on anything you find that catches your eye.

After dinner we took a nice boat ride around the lake and had a campfire with s'mores and more fireworks (not anything like the ones we went to see on the 4th though). It is just so relaxing up here! I already am dreading returning home and going back to work!

Today is our last day, and it started off sunny and warm, but the sun has dipped behind some clouds and it is cooling off and starting to look like it might rain-boo! Tomorrow Kevin, Adam and I will head home. It is about a 4 1/2 hour ride, so that isn't too bad.

Hope you're having a great weekend! I'm bummed that I missed the big summer sale at Williamston Antiques! Auntie and I have gone every year for several years and I feel sad to not be going, but I'm glad to be spending the weekend with my whole family! :) I'm hoping that either Auntie or Mitzi will blog about it and post lots of pictures so I can see what I missed!

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