Saturday, July 16, 2011

How Many Trips to the Car Can We Make??

It killed me to have to run to the car to drop stuff off today! I was sooo unprepared! I was afraid I'd miss out on other great deals while I was gone!

Our local high school was having its annual garage sale/flea market and I've been going since they started-but it was NEVER like this before!!! Most years I either spend only a couple bucks or nothing at all. Some years it has been all kid stuff and baby stuff. Not this year! YAY! This year, they advertised 70 vendors. I'm not sure there really was 70, but I do know that this year is the biggest its ever been!

As we were walking in, Kevin asked me why I didn't bring my cart, and I told him because I never really find anything here, but it always has potential, so I keep going. Boy do  I wish I had brought the cart! I'm sure Kevin does too, because he made a few trips to the car for me as well.

We filled the car! Here is a shot of what I got. Most of it will go in the booth, but I will keep a couple of things-any ideas on what I'll keep?

I bought the Fiesta the Egg Nog set, the hankies, runner and hankie box all at one booth. I went back 4 times because they were still unloading stuff. When I first walked up, all they had on their table was the Fiesta. I got the vintage Pyrex and the canister set at the one right next door, and the glass rolling pin and sifter was right across from that!

I've been wanting a wicker chaise forever! Auntie always sees me drooling over them when I see them, but I am never willing to pay the $100+ dollars that I see them for. This one was only $10! The hard part will be finding cushions for it! Now to just get the sun room done so we can use the chaise!

The blue Pyrex and the Meadow Green casseroles were in a box that said "Make Offers". I held one up and the lady said "How about a quarter each?" The fish decal is for Eric for the back of his new (old) truck. It was a quarter too.

The steel chair was my other big splurge. I walked away from it on my first trip around. I kept thinking about it and then I saw a giant white granny cart and thought I had remembered Auntie saying she wanted one-so I called her to see if she wanted me to buy it for her (she's out of town-otherwise, I'm sure she'd be with me!) and I asked about the chair too and she said it was a great price. So, I hemmed and hawed and thought about it, and thankfully it was still there when I went back!

It was a fun morning. Probably more for me than for Kevin. Now we are back to work on trim in the sun room, then cleaning up all the tools and mopping the floor and setting up our chairs! Hopefully in the next month we will have the built ins done and I can share some pictures!

I'm linking up to Blue Eyed Owl for Thrift Score Thursday! Stop by for a visit, and add your latest thrift score!

How is your weekend going? Did you find any great deals? I'm on my way to check out your blogs to see what you found! Can't wait to see!!!


  1. A dream garage sale. BIG dream. Congrats.

  2. Wow! Congrats on finding such lovely treasures!!

  3. I'm so happy that you FINALLY got your chaise! You found wonderful treasures -- I wish I could have gone with you, but I'm sure Kevin was a GREAT shopping buddy!

  4. Found your blog thru Junker Newbie. So glad I stopped by...I've really enjoyed it! You've got a new follower!

  5. That's the kind of sale I like! A variety of items to to fulfill many collecting wishes, love finding hankies!