Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Finds...

This morning Kevin and I headed out for 4 sales that looked promising. Two were total frogs, and one turned into a sub sale with 4 houses in the sub having sales! We also stopped at one along the way that had a big sign that said "1/2 off Saturday-with Many Free Things".

This is what I came home with...

The blanket and the popcorn popper came from 1/2 off sale, except when we got there, we were greeted in the driveway by the lady running the sale and she informed us everything was FREE-except a Formica table and a couple of 80's chandeliers.

The Formica table was wonderful-except it had black spray paint on it in an area of about 2'x1' and on the chrome trim. She wanted $50 for it and I had to pass. If it was free, I'd give it a try with removing the paint, even if it was $10 I probably would have tried, but not $50.

I didn't think I got this much stuff! It was all packaged in a couple of small bags (except the magazines), and I kept unwrapping and digging stuff out that I forgot I bought!

I ended up with 5 tablecloths, 3-60's Girl Scout berets, a Girl Scout sash, hanky, neckerchief, socks and handbook, two sets of salty/peppy shakers, a chintz plate and tea cup, an androck nut chopper, a 401 blue and 403 crazy daisy Pyrex mixing bowls (from S/A), a piece of vintage material, a bunch of Good Houskeeping, Life, Better Homes and Gardens, Screenland, Photoplay, and other magazines and booklets from the 30's-60's-as well as a couple Little Golden books-whew!

Kevin picked up 2 free garden hoses, a hedge trimmer and leaf blower-all at the FREE sale! He wasn't even going to get out of the car when we pulled up, but saw the guy stuff and the 1/2 off sign and decided to look around.

It's a hot and muggy day again, about 10 degrees cooler than earlier in the week-so that is a big relief! I'm off to work on those old vanity pieces I got last weekend (if I can tear myself away from all these fantastic magazines!!)-I hope they turn out nice! I was really shocked by the comments about the little white cabinet (that I posted yesterday)!

I was really feeling like I made a bad purchase when I bought it, so thanks for cheering me up about it!


  1. I laugh when you say the sales were "frogs" :)
    Looks like some great finds!
    Love the dresser that you painted white. I think it will sell...white furniture sells around here...price...well I'm cheap so, 40.00?? Just depends on your market.

  2. How I wish we had gsales like that in my area.I spy a lovely lady on your table is she a gypsy?I would have fought you for her lol and what great mags awesome!!

  3. Hi Deb! Only 2 of the sales were frogs-the others were great!

    Hi Nelly! Her frame is really beat up, and the paper on the back is ripped, but I really liked her! The mags are great, except they smell really musty! :)

    Thanks for stopping by! :)