Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Nightmare in Lights...

Last fall you may or may not remember me complaining and commenting about the park next to our house and their plans to add lights to their soccer fields. We tried to fight it, we tried to argue, but since we are the only house on that side of the street and the only ones affected in a negative way-we didn't stand a chance of convincing them that it wasn't a good idea to light up the fields. So, to make a long story short...we lost and we've just been waiting for the lights to go up.

Just a few minutes ago, I got simultaneous picture texts from Adam and from Kevin of our yard at 10pm.  Look what they sent! I feel so sick to my stomach right now!

 This is a shot that looks to be taken from our sun room deck looking out toward our barn-see the barn on the right side of the shot?

This is looking in the opposite direction toward our volleyball court (about 300+ feet from the fence). This is going to be like this now for the rest of the summer until 10 or 11pm EVERY night of the week!

I can't believe that it ended up being much worse than I thought it would be based on how they presented it to us. I also can't believe that the peace and privacy of our yard is totally gone day and night for 7 months out of the year, and the value of our property I'm sure, has just plummeted. It REALLY stinks that we can't do a thing about this...


  1. Oh how awful I feel terrible for you.I love my privacy and cant imagine that showing up my yard at night.

  2. The property was a cow pasture when we bought our house 17 years ago! It has been just recently that it was turned into a park. Little by little they keep adding things to the park, and little by little I see our value slipping lower and lower. I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to buy our house now...

  3. so sorry...maybe all the bugs will head over there? again, so sorry and how disappointing.

  4. Oh no, so sorry, it's a nightmare when this kind of thing happens. Is there a lot more noise as well? Presumably they're now able to use the park later so there'd be extra racket?