Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Michigan's Yard Sale Trail 2012

This weekend is the annual Michigan Yard Sale Trail. It is over 150 miles of yard sales along the coast of Lake Huron. I did the sale last year on my way to West Branch (the halfway point to my parent's house) to pick up Eric from my parents. It was a really long day with a lot of driving.

I didn't get a lot of treasures last year, but I enjoyed the hunt. You can read about it here, I wasn't so thrilled with it last year, but a whole year has passed and I'm eager to get out for the adventure of it again. I guess time does change your perspective-huh?!?

My SIL is planning to meet me and ride the treasure trail with me. It's going to be a long day-I'm thinking about 8-10 hours when all is said and done. I am planning on starting at Algonac and going to Harbor Beach (as the farthest point on my trip). I may not make it that far, if the sales are good farther south. I plan to take LuAnn's advice from last year, and concentrate some time between Lexington and Marine City.

I'll have an update either late Friday night or sometime Saturday...stay tuned!


  1. Have FUN and I hope you find LOTS
    of treasures!!

  2. Maybe we will run into each other. Hubby and I are going out on Saturday morning starting around Marine City. Good luck hope you find goodies.

  3. Good luck! Hope you find lots of treasures!