Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Somebody Pinch ME!!!

An old friend of mine showed up at my work today and had someone on staff call me to come to the front office. Then the co-worker said, "It will be worth the walk for you to come up here." My office is at the end of the building and is a pretty good walk from the front office, so I try to only go "up front" a couple of strategic times per day.

As I walked into my co-worker's office, my friend was standing there with her back to me, and as she moved, I felt my eyes get huge and my jaw hit the floor! Sitting on the desk was seven pieces of vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes!!!

Then, she quickly threw into my hands two vintage tablecloths, and an old Little Bo Peep picture and a new mat for our hammock. I was stunned and overwhelmed! I still can't believe it!!! I've been smiling all afternoon!!

It felt like Christmas morning!


  1. What a friend! Lucky you with all those refrigerator dishes.

  2. What a sweet friend! That cake sounds delish!!!
    You are welcome for the note cards. You were very generous in your giveaway! Thank you!

  3. Nice! Every once in awhile one of my co-workers will pass vintage treasures on to me. They know how much I love it. It pays to be nice to your co-workers! Lol.

  4. Lovely pyrex. What a thoughtful friend!!