Monday, August 20, 2012

She brought me more goodies!!!

My friend Janet brought me another basket of goodies at work! She was on her way out of the state for a family wedding, and she dropped off another basket full of fun stuff! One thing from the basket that I don't have anymore is a card table sized tablecloth with the Royal Guard on it, kind of in a Vera-type design.

I really liked it, and could have very easily added it to my collection, or even sold it in the booth,  but I knew someone else who would probably love it! I gave it to my friend Auntie, and I think she was really happy with it! I hope she posts a picture of it on her blog, since I forgot to take a picture of it (hint, hint).

If only I could get the junk treasures to find me on a regular basis! I'd save a ton of money on gas...but then, where would the adventure be? Where would the thrill of the hunt be?

I can't believe that summer is almost over! I'm getting excited for some of my regular volleyball leagues to start up again for the fall and winter. Two out of four of them will be starting by mid-September and I can't wait! by the time April and May get here every year, I am so burned out on volleyball that I don't care if I ever play it again, but by the end of August every year, I'm dying to play again!

I've been doing Weight Watchers for 6 months and I am just a few pounds away from losing 50 pounds-so I'm hoping that the added activity of volleyball twice a week will help me reach my goal-if I don't make it by the date I picked. I set Labor Day as my day to reach my goal. It's not my lifetime member goal, but just my personal goal to strive for. I still have a LOT more to go, but I'm working at it in small chunks.

I went to my friend Auntie's son's wedding last Saturday (gorgeous day, gorgeous wedding-she looked so beautiful-Auntie did, the bride was pretty, but my Auntie was gorgeous! I even found out that she does have legs!!! I've known her 12 years and never seen her wear a dress! ) I wore a dress in a size I haven't worn in about 10 years-I was so excited! It's little things like that, that keep me going. Hopefully she will post some pictures (hint, hint) of the wedding on her blog too-and hopefully she will show a picture of herself so you can see how pretty she looked!

Here is what I found in the latest basket of treasures from Janet...

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