Friday, August 24, 2012

Texasware, Pyrex and Towels!

I slept in today and only went to a few sales. yesterday was a lonnnnnnnnng, hot day and it felt wonderful to sleep in!! One of the first sales I went to was a family run estate sale that wasn't advertised. They only had a couple signs out at the road, and that was it. They seemed very overwhelmed at the task before them. They only priced a very small amount of stuff and had that on the front porch. The rest was left in the cupboards and where it stood, and they gave a price when asked.

I got two Texasware bowls and a Pyrex Butterprint casserole for just a couple of dollars. The next sale was a charity sale and I got a couple more pieces of Pyrex, and the last sale was a multi-family barn sale. All I could find was a couple vintage California dish towels.

My treasures may have been few and far between today, but I'm very happy with what I got, and very happy with how little I paid!!!

The countdown is on until my big fishing trip with my parents---only 5 days til I head back to the U.P., and 6 days til we try our luck with salmon fishing!!!

Here is what I picked up today...

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. You found some fantastic stuff! Love the Texasware and of course the Pyrex!

    So....Oh my goodness... I think I have the male pilgrim blowmold that goes with your set! LOL! When I saw your picture I had to smile! I bought mine at an auction last year. Not sure why I bought just one, lone pilgrim? But I did! When I can get out to my shop (where it is stored) I'm going to try to snap a picture of it.

    Have a great fishing trip! Hope you have nice weather. In Mobile we're keeping a watchful eye on tropical storm Isaac. At best their path can be unpredictable!

  2. I like ALL your finds! Have a great visit with your parents!

  3. Sounds like you will have a nice time with your folks, fishing, and maybe you'll have time to "shop" too! Sweet little red bowl.