Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Saturday Finds...

Since Kevin is gone on a short hiking trip, and the boys both had things to do today, I decided to head out and just wander through some driveways. Don't worry, I only went to driveways with signs and lot of junk things for sale. I found a couple little sales that had everything priced fifty cents or less-most of it was a quarter!! My kind of sales!

One sale I found only because there was a woman and a golden retriever trying to put a sign in the ground at the end of the road when I drove past. She looked like an older lady, so my heart skipped a little beat in anticipation of hopefully finding some vintage goodies at her sale.

The man running the sale looked to be my age, so I assumed he was there helping he mother run the sale. He asked me if I saw his ad in the newspaper or if I just drove by. I told him that I saw the lady and the dog putting the sign up and that's how I found it. I almost said the "older" lady, but stopped myself  before it came out. I am sooo glad I did too, because he said she was his wife!

I bought a small cabinet/dry sink-right after I got a giant sliver in my finger from a rough edge. He was very nice and helped me load it in my car, and as I was driving away, I saw his wife coming back down the road. She was no where near as old as I first thought...she might have been only about 10-15 years older than me.

After that, I found a sub sale and at the first sale, there was an older woman (I looked closer this time), and a  younger woman. They had a bunch of vintage goodies that were all priced to sell. I found two vintage tablecloths for fifty cents each!

As I was walking up to the next sale, I saw what I thought was a grandpa playing with his little 2-ish year old grandson just outside of the garage. I walked in and the woman running the sale turned around from what she was straitening and she said, "Hey! I know you!" She ended up being a girl I went to high school with, and the guy was her husband and the little guy was her son!

BOY! Do I need my eyes checked!!! As we talked, I looked again at her husband and he didn't look as old as I first thought. Is it bad eyesight, or just looking too quickly and not really seeing? Then I got to thinking...I couldn't imagine having a toddler! I am soo thankful that my boys are young adults! It kind of puts things into perspective for me.

I'd MUCH rather pick up a dirty dish here or there than change dirty diapers, or have to get up during the night with a little one. Whew! I'm glad I had my kids young! I am glad for the phase of life I am in now.

I'm going to have to slow down and pay better attention when I look at people though!

Here are the things I picked up today...

 This is an old oak dry sink cabinet with a towel bar-still in the car-and the sliver still in my hand!
 A FREE bowling ball! I've wanted to try a craft project that I've seen several times, but have never found a ball cheap enough to give it a try!

Two tablecloths (another one with fringe-how weird is that!?!), an aluminum canister set, a bunch of kitcshy tins, an enamel pot and a few other little things.

Another fun day-with gorgeous weather!!


  1. Wow you found a lot of wonderful VintageGoodies, beautiful tins!

  2. Such a lot of treasures! I shall be exploring your blog.
    Thank you for sharing.