Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's Better Than Free?

I got a huge surprise from a friend today. She was cleaning out some of her mother-in-law's stuff and came across some linens she knew I'd love, so she brought them to me!!! I can't understand why she doesn't want them! Her MIL embroidered on them. I'm not a bit kitty fan, but just to have something with a family history like that would be something I couldn't give away.

I went to a couple of sales after work today, but all of the ones on my list were huge FROGS-no princes to be found until I stopped at one just down from my house that wasn't on the list. I got a manikin of some sort. The woman selling it said it was a dressmaker's manikin, but I'm not so doesn't have any boobs and men don't (usually) wear dresses!

Maybe it was used in a clothing store to display men's shirts? That's my guess. For $3 I jumped on it and plan to use it in the booth for aprons and hankies, so it will become girly even though it is flat chested. The previous owner's husband wanted to take it to deer camp and use it for target practice-sounds like my guys wanting to use my Fiesta as skeet! They laugh about it, but they'd never do it-they are starting to realize how much it can go for after all of these years of me collecting it.

I did find some cute little hot pads at one sale today. When I asked the price I was told fifty cents each, then a quarter each, then ten cents each-all by the same woman who didn't even take a breath in between quoting prices! Then she settled on fifty cents for all three.

I found this awesome syrup dispenser last weekend, it rolled out of the bag and under the seat in my car. I just found it again today. I might have to "foster" this for a while-I think it might be the closest I'll ever come to getting a Fiesta syrup dispenser.


  1. Love the linens -- I always like to have things with a family history.
    I think you're right about the manikin -- it looks like a men's shirt display to me. Just 'glam' him up with aprons and help him get in touch with his feminine side!

  2. I'll bet the mannequin will be useful! The teatowels are so cute- it's nice she thought to ask you about them!

  3. I picked up some days of the week linens this week too! The mannequin was a steal for $3.